11 Real Signs You Are Falling In Love (2 of 2)

Mental effects

  • If you are not sure whether or not you are in love with someone, the best indicator is to see the degree to which you can share your vulnerabilities with that person. Just like letting someone get close to you physically is a sign of love, letting someone see your vulnerable self is also a clue that you are in love, says Laves-Webb.
  • Before we meet that special person, we often find ourselves checking out other people while we are on a date – even unconsciously at times. However, if you have truly found that one special person, you will lose interest in everyone else around you. Your loved one is the only one you focus on, says Mahalli.
  • We tend to prioritize the person more than ourselves when we are in love with that person, according to Lyons Elite matchmaking owner Emily Lyons.
  • When you get worried about how your partner is doing or you go out of your way to make sure they are doing okay, that is love, points out Grossman.
  • When you would want a car to splash mud all over your new dress rather than on your partner’s, you are in love, says Grossman.

So, there are some clear body language cues that you can follow and notice carefully in order to figure out if you are in love. However, this is 2021 and we are sure that for most people, a sure sign of falling in love would be adding their special person on Instagram aesthetic, even when they do not match your feed’s color scheme. Now that is definitely loved!

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