Expert-Approved Tips That Will Help You Get Past Your Ex and Embrace Your New Life

Accepting a breakup is one of the hardest things to do. And yet, there is little we can do to avoid it. When it doesn’t work out with someone, parting ways seems to be in everyone’s best interest. However, leaving all that behind may be a lot more challenging for some than others.

Those happy memories keep recurring, reminding you of what you have lost. You imagined a life with them and seeing them walking away can tear you apart. Life may seem to have no meaning when you are dealing with a broken heart. What we neglect at such times is that it ended for a reason. Besides, it opens up several new opportunities for you. You can now focus better on your career and hobbies or try something exciting such as traveling solo.

But, if your mind is still hooked onto your ex, we have listed below some really good advice from experts in the field. Apart from helping you move on, these tips will also aid in your personal growth and understanding of yourself.


Stop looking for closure

Many believe that closure would enable them to process their breakup better. Not knowing what led to the fall of their relationship keeps them from getting ahead of it. They just have this urge to sit down and talk it all out. Some want it to become better partners for their future partners and others because they believe there’s some misunderstanding that can be worked out.

No matter what reason you have, you don’t really want to force someone you love into something they have no desire for. If they have made up their mind, nothing in the universe can change that. You have to let them go. Stalking them on social media is only going to add to your pain. Moreover, it’s something that has to happen from within you. As Krysta Monet, a dating expert explains, you have to allow yourself some time to wrap your head around it.



Keep yourself occupied

While there is nothing wrong with grieving, you have to understand when it’s time to get back up. You can’t sulk over it forever! And it’s not going to get you your ex back. So, why not pull yourself together and show yourself some love? Keeping the mind engaged is the best way to keep it off of the past. Monet says that with more time at your disposal, you are only going to obsess over your ex. You can do something productive such as learning a new skill and use the remaining free hours occupying yourself with self-care activities.

You may find it hard to think about anything but them initially, but you owe it to yourself. In no time, you’ll be enjoying this singlehood and having no qualms about your breakup. While at it, you’ll also need to cut out everything that brings back memories of your former partner. This involves blocking them on social media, doing away with things they gifted you, and the like. We know it sucks, but it’s necessary to get yourself out of this mess.



Invest in yourself

And we don’t just mean financially. Now that you have no distraction, you can direct all your energy to yourself. You could travel to far-off places and make lifelong memories. Or, give your all to your work and make big career leaps. Sitting in a corner mourning over something that was never meant to be is of no use. But the dedication you show to working on yourself will pay off. To take Nicholas Hardy’s, a psychotherapist’s, advice, the gains you have when you invest in yourself will be helpful in every step of your life.

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