The Evergreen Pick-Up Line That Always Works Like a Charm

It is highly likely that you have been dating a lot more online than in person over this past year. While it can be quite challenging to figure out what exactly to say when you’ve just started dating someone, it certainly helps if there is a display as your protector in front of you. The lockdown, however, is over and life is coming to a normal of sorts finally, and you might be hitting the bars sooner than you think. And since you are way out of any sort of practice, choosing a pickup line that can get you a date may be harder than you think.

Nine out of ten times, “pick-up lines” make us think of those cheesy rom-com ones that are often too cringey to be used in real life, points out relationship guide Beth Ribarsky. However, pick-up lines aren’t just that. It can be anything that allows you to spark up a conversation with a person.

Of course, it goes without saying that not just any random pick-up line is going to work. So, to make your task easier, we talked to a number of relationship experts to figure out that one perfect pick-up line that you can conjure in times of need. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it!


Your best bet are direct, straightforward pick-up lines

A recent journal titled Personality and Individual Differences noted that pick-up lines work best when they are innocuous, direct, or flippant. This specific study focused on women using these pick-up lines and defined them as effective when the person agreed to meet again or gave their phone number. The study found that direct lines have the best chance of success, and the experts we talked to agree.

Ribarsky says that direct lines are just that – straightforward pickup lines. By using direct lines, you are letting your potential partner know that you find them attractive, and you would like to know more about them. Any examples? She recommends using a line like “I couldn’t stop myself from saying hi after I saw you across the hallway”.

Ribarsky further adds that pick-up lines are just like a brand – it tells the other person about your personality and what exactly you have on offer, so your aim should be to showcase yourself and intentions in the most accurate way. And direct lines work because there isn’t any hidden motive, you are just letting the other person know of your intentions. She points out that when we use an innocuous line, we present ourselves as someone friendly. On the other hand, a direct pick-up line works far more effectively in communicating romantic interest.