10 Signs That Reveal If You Are Stuck In A Toxic Relationship

No matter how great a bond you and your significant other shared in the initial months of the relationship, it can lead to a toxic one if they start taking you for granted. Besides, it takes time for a person to fully open up to someone and reveal their true self. While you know you have to end things with them if being at odds and heated arguments has become an everyday thing, you don’t always get such clear signs. More often, it is the subtle things that point to the fact that your relationship isn’t going on the right path.

Going by Merriam-Webster, toxic implies something that relates to or is supremely harsh, harmful, or malicious. Now, you sure won’t be able to label yours as toxic for it sounds like too big of a word. You may not be realizing the impacts of your stressful relationship, but that doesn’t mean it’s all going well.

As Mackenzie Piper, program manager at Power to Decide, puts it, there is no absolute definition of a toxic relationship because each one is unique. What may be causing conflicts in one may be completely normal for another couple. However, at the core, a relationship starts to lose its strength when one partner begins to assert their power and tries to control their significant other, which has them doubting their self-worth.

In spite of this, reaching a conclusion regarding the state of your relationship may be tricky.

Since you two have been together for quite some time, it’s obvious that you make decisions only after getting inputs from your special one. It can be hard to tell whether they are merely suggesting the best advice or are trying to force their opinion on you.

Given the fact that you believe your partner loves you, the thought that they may be getting somewhat dominating may not even cross your mind. You dismiss their reluctance to resolve it to be their care and concern.

Therefore, in order to help you determine whether you have to confront your partner about their behavior or not, we have listed below 10 not-so-common signs of a toxic relationship. Your partner may not be realizing it themselves that their acts are damaging the relationship. Once you talk this out, they might be willing to change their ways to bring back those happy-love-filled days.


Signs To Watch Out For

You get nightmares involving your partner

Candice McCoy, a psychology blogger, warns us not to dismiss our nightmares. The inner psyche is a lot more intelligent than our thought process. Therefore, if you frequently have nightmares that involve your partner, it could be a way for your mind to foretell you of something that’s about to go haywire. Never thought you’d be paying attention to your nightmares. Right? Well, you must. Psychology is way deeper than we can ever imagine.



You shy away from opening up to your close ones

Your reluctance to look for advice from people you’ve known for a long time signifies how badly you despise the way your partner has been treating you. You can’t bring yourself to tell them because deep down you desire them to admire the person you are with. Even if that involves you lying or hiding all their bad deeds. Ndidi Onyejiaka, a psychiatrist, notes that if you’re ashamed to share the things you have been told or done to, you certainly are with a toxic partner.



You are always to be blamed

Every time your partner makes a blunder, they twist it around somehow to drag you into it and put the blame on you. They perform poorly at work and that, as they claim, is because you expect them to partake in doing everyday chores. Similarly, if the electricity bill remains due for long, which was solely their responsibility, you get yelled at for not reminding them. Lori Nixon Bethea, who owns International Hearts Counselling Services, says that such behavior is common among toxic people. Whenever they do any wrongdoing or mistake, they try to justify how it was their partner that led them to do it. This is how they transfer the guilt and escape admitting their faults.