Your Partner’s Voice Can Reveal Their Likelihood of Cheating on You!

Those in even the most committed and happy of relationships harbor the fear that their loved one may be seeing someone else behind their back. But we don’t want to let our suspicious nature get the better of us by confronting our spouse with this question. Even secretly checking their phones may not explain their changed, distant behavior. Should you ever find yourself in such a situation, here is what you really need to do. Moreover, the following tip will be also helpful in determining a potential mate’s faithfulness.


Those having deep voices were reported to have committed more instances of being unfaithful

This research, published in October 2020, was conducted by performing a deep meta-analysis of voice clips of 865 participants in three datasets. The participants comprised of 550 females and 315 males. Each recording was analyzed for its fundamental frequency to lay down its degree of pitch. It was then matched with the confessed instances of infidelity from the participants.

While the results of the first two datasets didn’t reveal any link between voice pitch and past instances of cheating, the third one established a strong connection in both genders. In fact, those having low-pitched voices had not only cheated on their previous partners, but were also more inclined towards casual flings than being in committed relationships.



Women can predict whether their man will cheat on them or not by noticing their voice

Another old research by the same author, Christoph Schild established that women are capable of precisely determining a male’s tendency to cheat by analyzing their voice pitch. Moreover, the same study also revealed that women find males with high-pitched voices more attractive than those who speak in a lower tone. However, the same rule didn’t apply to females. In the end, the researchers concluded that women may be using a pitched voice as a sign to ascertain a potential partner’s likelihood of cheating and making the decision of whether they want to be with them or not.