20 Biggest Signs That You Are Just Not In Love With Them Anymore

A new relationship always feels good. The thrill in learning new things about one another, going on fun dates, all these feel amazing. Some couples settle down with each other and stay together for ages, but sometimes it is acceptable not to be interested in the person you once loved anymore.

The early phase of a relationship is the honeymoon phase. You don’t always realize if you are compatible enough with your partner; everything just feels fine and dandy. After a while, when this phase wears off, you know you are only not into it anymore, into them.

Even some old relationships suffer from this loss of interest. Sometimes, not because you don’t love them; it’s just you are not in love with them anymore. If this happens, then it will be nice if you choose to break up.

You must know it is logical to love someone but not feel the same spark for them anymore.

Here’s a curated list of twenty signs for you, and if you find any of these signs relatable, then maybe it’s time for you to think about moving on.


You don’t yearn for their presence

Your partner is absent for a week or is just very busy. Do you feel their absence? Are you more comfortable in their absence?

Even though giving each other space is a good practice, says Sterling Woods, LSW, a social worker, but if you do not notice their absence or you don’t yearn for them, then it shows that you are no longer interested in them or their activities.



You cannot imagine a future with them

If you cannot imagine planning a future with them, then by all degrees, you have lost interest. A good relationship makes you think about the future with your partner. Being unable to do that shows how you do not believe this person is the right one for you.



You ceased caring

Another significant sign that you have lost every interest in your partner is when you stop caring for them.

You don’t take part in planning a trip or planning what movie to watch next with your partner, or what food to cook, and it is like you have just stopped caring. And you do that not out of anger or despair but simply because you do not care anymore. A potential red flag to watch out for.



You rarely remember your conversations

You zoned out while having a meaningful conversation with your partner for the nth time, or maybe you forgot their birthday or forgot to take out the trash. These are certainly not the right things to do, but this goes on to show that they do not interest you any longer.

If your partner noticed these changes in you, they would indeed confront you.



You forget to text them back

You don’t think it’s essential to text your partner back every time they send you a text. Or you just forget about texting them back. Or are you just ignoring them? Susan Trombetti, CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking and a matchmaker, says that you will not be indifferent towards communicating with them if you are interested in staying with a person.