11 Ultimate New Year’s Resolutions To Keep You Healthy

January marks the official month where people set their own new year’s resolutions. It’s to be expected, since many are thinking about shaving off all the weight gained over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. But while everyone sets these resolutions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is going to succeed with them.

As well-meaning our promises may be for these resolutions, you’ll be facing an uphill battle.

According to a study from US News & Report, almost 80% of us will set resolutions and give up on them by the middle of February.

So instead of setting another resolution (yet again) we wanted to offer some alternative resolutions to be setting. Unlike unrealistic expectations – like losing 20 pounds in two or three weeks – these are more doable. The resolutions that we’ve got in mind are the ones that still focus on wellness too, so you’ll still be scratching that need if you’re the type to set health-related resolutions like most others. Beyond that, some of these will help in regards to mental and emotional needs, so if you’re looking to mix things up, there are other options for you too.


Planning Several Months Ahead

This resolution is a fantastic one for those who love to plan or are students or entrepreneurs.

There are all kinds of planners available that help you get organized, so why not pick one up for yourself and start using it to plan ahead.

Thanks to a planner, you’ll be able to set priorities, manage tasks, and reduce wasted time by giving yourself a big-picture view of the goals you want to achieve. Being highly-productive also demands a healthy work-life balance, so finding planners that offer quotes or even reminding yourself to read articles or books about self-care, and coaching can help you out too.



Organizing Your Wellness

On top of structuring your life better, one other consideration is getting your health in order.

Even if you had a tame holiday, it never hurts to be checking up on yourself. We know that doctor’s appointments can be expensive – not to mention a pandemic that can steer people away from visiting people in person. In those cases, we suggest you look at a new MD, Telehealth startup, Hims (and their women’s focused brand, Hers).

You can book virtual consultations that run for $39 or more and you’ll have a primary care physician consult and address everything from colds to eczema and fill prescriptions for a range of health conditions.

They even have you covered in mental health support as they have licensed therapists and doctors who can prescribe medication. All in all, starting this resolution is really easy.



Drinking More Water

It’s such a simple thing, and yet, the majority of Americans knowingly don’t drink enough water.

One survey by a filtered water service provider named Quench found that over 75% of respondents thought they weren’t getting enough water. And yet they did nothing about it.

Our recommendation is if you are invested in drinking more water this year, don’t stick to a cheap bottle. Instead, don’t be afraid to drop $60+ on a good one. The reason we say this is that most of these bottles in that price range have either stronger material and have various pieces of technology in them that’ll help you.

For example, HidrateSpark is a company that sells durable bottles that have a sensor that tracks water intake. If you’re falling behind in your daily water requirement, the bottle will light up, reminding you to drink more. It also has an app that can send push notifications to your phone to encourage you to be drinking regularly.

All in all, drinking more water is something that we all can do better and it doesn’t require as much of a lifestyle shift compared to trying to drop a lot of weight in a few weeks.