Fashion Rules To Ditch If You Are 40 Years Old Or Above (2 of 3)

Have a short hairstyle

Okay, we agree short hairstyles look pretty on people from all age groups. But if you believe you should stop keeping long hair if you’ve turned 40, you shouldn’t. Your hairstyles should match your face-cut, not your age. Tracy Gold says you can keep wearing your hair long if you like it that way, what’s important is that you take care of your locks, and if you do that, your hair will always look pretty.



Don’t let your grays show

With teenagers getting gray highlights done on their hair, who said you have to hide your gray hair from the world? Strands of grey hair are only natural after a certain age, so why should you try to cover them meaninglessly? Tracy implies that if you like the grays on your head and they suit your complexion, keep them. However, that doesn’t mean you’re obligated to show them, she remarks, if you feel more confident and youthful with your hair colored, then do it.



Black and brown don’t go together

This is definitely a rule meant to be broken. Black goes well with pretty much everything, and that includes everything. Priscilla Von Sorella, a fashion designer explains that both black and brown are neutral according to the science of colors, so there’s no reason why you can’t wear them together. So, if you are willing to have a black and brown outfit work, choose complementary shades of black and brown and play with textures to make it look stylish.



Blue and black don’t go together

Dark blue and black may seem a bit similar, but they’re not so similar that you cannot create a single outfit using both of them. In fact, Liz Jeneault, fashion influencer, says it’s surprisingly a good idea, for example, a black jacket would look good on top of a pair of blue jeans. Add black boots to that and you’ve got a perfectly cute outfit.