Fashion Rules To Ditch If You Are 40 Years Old Or Above

If you think you’ll have to ditch your favorite outfits as soon as the age clock strikes 40, you’re wrong. When you’re 20, the idea of turning over 40 seems daunting in many ways, including the way how you’re supposed to dress at that age. But when you blow candles on your 40th birthday, it feels the same as ever. The assumptions you had regarding life in your 40s vanish quickly, and so should your stereotyped fashion choices for the same. Keep reading to know which fashion stereotypes you should ditch in your 40s, according to fashion experts.


Wear monochromatically black outfits

Do you believe you should start wearing monochromatic outfits just because you’ve turned 40?

Well, you shouldn’t. And all the talk about black apparently making you seem better or thinner is honestly a scam. Fashion experts have suggested that wearing black from head to toe can have an undesired effect on how you look. Fashion presenter and personal stylist, Tracy Gold, explains that wearing total black can make your face look older while wearing a color that compliments you can make your face look youthful and fresh. So, we say ditch that monochromatic wardrobe and fill it with complimentary and vibrant colors.



Don’t wear short skirts or dresses

Just because you’ve turned 40 doesn’t mean that you have to ditch all your short skirts and dresses. If you like yourself in shorter outfits, there is no reason for you to stop wearing them.

As long as you feel comfortable and confident in those styles, keep wearing them. Tracy Gold suggests that if you don’t like to show legs, but still want to wear short skirts and dresses, you can style tights or leggings under them, or you can wear knee-high boots in winter/fall. Don’t let all those beautiful short dresses go to waste just because you’re now “older”.



Don’t go sleeveless

Um, why not? If there’s scorching heat, why should you wear long sleeves? To feel even warmer? Turning 40 does not mean that you cannot show your arms anymore. Tracy Gold says that as long as you’re totally confident going sleeveless, do it. If you are not that confident about your arms, Tracy suggests going for flared short sleeves instead of the ones that cut across your bicep and make it look wider.



Wear timeless clothes

When you’re in your 20s, you rock trendy outfits all the time. Once you grow a little older, however, wearing trendy outfits seems like something that’d be frowned upon. Why though?

Fashion trends don’t come with age limits, so don’t miss out on something you’d feel good in.

You don’t have to necessarily wear timeless outfits just because you’re above 40. Tracy explains that you should always dress according to your body shape and your own personal style to look absolutely fabulous. She even recommends adding some trendy pieces from time to time, whatever you feel would suit you.