Having First Date Jitters? Here Are 13 Tips To Keep It Cool

So you have said “yes” to go out with the new guy or girl at the gym, but are now looking for an excuse to bail out. And for what reason? Because you are nervous beyond imagination. Your palms are sweaty, you don’t have the right clothes, you don’t know what you’ll talk about. You just can’t stop thinking and let out a breath.

In case you’re feeling stupid about stressing over something that’s supposed to be fun, we want to assure you that it’s normal. We all feel that hiked state of anxiety when under pressure to make a good impression. Your nervousness means nothing more than that you are really into this person you are going to go out with and that you really want things to go well. However, you don’t want your date to know of this on the first date itself.

So, what do you do to flush this tension out of your brain and make space for the fun that is to follow? We have listed below 13 things that work wonders for easing the mind. Try them out and blow your crush’s mind tonight.


Take a hot shower

And no. We aren’t suggesting this to prepare you for the thing that might unfold later in the night. Or, are we? Jokes aside. A good, long shower is a great way to allow all the built-up nervousness to drain away. In fact, as per a phenomenon called ‘Blue Mind’ humans are more relaxed when in the vicinity of water. Love expert Michelle Baxo says that our mind correlates bathing with the switching of the mood.

For an even better effect, go for a hot shower. Merely ten minutes will relax both your mind and body better than an eight-hour sleep.



Friendzone your date for tonight

What? Friendzone the person you would die for to have a relationship with. We don’t mean it that way. It can be something like you decide in your head that you are simply going to dine out with a friend. That way, you wouldn’t feel pressured to be the best version of yourself. Rather you’d be comfortable and would be able to make the most of the evening. Moreover, there isn’t anything quite as attractive as a person who is at ease both with their body and mind.



Sweat it out at the gym

Pardon us for mentioning something you abhor like anything. But hey, it’s an important day today. Who knows – maybe this girl or guy might be ‘the one’? Exercising is a proven means to get endorphins, the ‘feel-good’ hormones, gushing to every part of your body. So, put your lazy side aside for the weekend, grab the gym bag, and finally make some use of the subscription fee you have paid for.