Having First Date Jitters? Here Are 13 Tips To Keep It Cool (2 of 4)

Wear comfortable clothes

This is the part that’s most annoying and time-consuming. The moment we say yes to a date, we begin stressing about how to dress. Finding the right balance between looking neither overdressed nor like we don’t care about this date at all is one tough job. Know the best thing to do in such a situation? Pull out the attire from your wardrobe that you feel most comfortable in.

It can be a dress or a simple pair of jeans with an oversized hoodie. And for guys, go for your overused, year-old linen t-shirt if that’s what makes you feel like yourself the most.



Have a few questions ready

In order to avoid the awkward silence where you both can’t come up with anything to say, have a few questions ready in your head. Anything that lets them know you’re interested in getting to know them better would work. Make sure you don’t put them in a tough spot with any question that may be profound. The two of you can discuss your families, pets, college life, dreams, etc.

Such topics also help people build a strong mental connection.



Listen to music

Groove to your favorite party playlist and allow your worries to leave your head for the time being. There is no one watching you, so feel free to perform your best of moves. Music is the sure-shot way to switch your mood to that of the music you are listening to. Sulivan, a dating expert and also the VP of dating.com, says that music keeps you distracted from overthinking about your date while lifting your spirits. Don’t shy away from singing along too. However, here is one pro tip. Keep in mind to keep the volume in check. You don’t want your mood to be ruined by an agitated neighbor.