18 Signs That Scream You Should Plan A Second Date

Wondering whether you hit the right chord during the first date the other day? Can’t decide whether to set up a second one with them or not? Sometimes, when you get back from a first date, you just can’t wait to meet them again. Other times, well, you’re not sure if they fit in “your type” mold. Especially, if you’re unfamiliar with the dating norms, you can scratch your brain out wondering whether that first date actually went well or not. No matter how vague the situation seems at first, there are always signs you can safely look for. To find out clear and undeniable signs for you to set up a second date, read on.


You’re reading this article

Okay, hear us out. The fact that you’re reading this right now means that your first date with them wasn’t a total disaster. Looking for signs to set up a second date, is a sign in itself. If you find yourself wishing for more signs, you probably want to go out with them again.



You didn’t want to rush back home

Marlena Cole, a relationship expert, suggests that among the most obvious signs of a great first date, one is that you did not feel like it was being dragged. Both of you were having fun and trying to be with each other for a little longer, so your date ended up longer than you had planned. So, if you had already been talking for a couple of hours and they are figuring out where to go next, they’re most likely having fun too.



There was plenty of eye-contact

There are reasons why eye contact is romanticized so much, and we believe in all of them. If you find yourself looking into each other’s eyes often, it’s a subtle hint of romantic energy between you both. A survey conducted by Psychological Science has shown that when you have a sexual tendency for the other person, your eyes go straight to their body, vis a vis when you have a romantic tendency for the other person, you’re more attracted to their face. Also, eye-contacts prove that you were comfortable with them and interested in them and that you were not shying away.



The conversation was two-way

We’ve all met people who talk and don’t give us a chance to speak. Yeah, well, it’s irritating.

But if you were both equally involved in the conversation and you were more than keen to listen to them, we’d say it’s a good sign. Conversations obviously play a key role here. So, if you enjoyed the small talks and the deeper ones with them, and you feel like getting to know more about them, what’s stopping you?