18 Signs That Scream You Should Plan A Second Date (2 of 5)

You laughed together

Shared laughter can be a strong indication of romantic interest. If you found yourself laughing at their jokes and vice-versa, it means that you shared a good connection with them. Laughing together is a clear sign of romantic interest. We’re not making this up, it was published as a study in Evolutionary Psychology.



You could feel the opposites attract

If they have a completely different lifestyle than you, a different mindset, a different job, but you could still find things to chat about, it’s a really good sign. It’s easy to make a conversation when you both have similar interests. But when you like totally different things, but the conversation still doesn’t go dry, you have something special going on.



You weren’t nervous or anxious

Adina Mahalli, a mental health expert, says that given the unavoidable awkwardness of a first date, if you could still find yourself comfortable, it’s a great thing. This could mean that you didn’t feel like you were meeting them for the first time. If you stroke a connection where you could just be your own self without being nervous or anxious, your date went really well. This doesn’t happen every other day, so if it happened on your first date, you could definitely consider planning a second one.



Your actions matched theirs

A psychological study conducted in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin has shown that when you’re interested in someone, you unconsciously mimic their movements or actions. So, if your hands reached for the plate of fries at the exact same time, it doesn’t just mean that you both like fries, it could also mean that you both like each other.