Latest Scientific Research Claims This One Thing Can Really Spice Up Your Sex Life

Loving yourself might as well be the first step to loving someone else and being able to give you a full hundred percent love. There is a high possibility that you could improve your sexual relationship with your partner as you work on improving your personal relationship with yourself.

Recently, a research study posted by Body Image confirmed that high regard for yourself and a positive and healthy body image might be one of the factors that improve sexual pleasure for both you and your partner. When you feel confident in your own skin, you’re able to portray that same confidence to your partner, which all the more reflects greater intimacy. A poor body image or low self-esteem reflects negatively and is easy to come off as a hurdle while trying to get intimate with your significant other. So, if you are trying to enhance your relationship with your significant other and spice up things in bed, you might as well consider starting with yourself, showing yourself the love you deserve.

The study analysed and reflected upon the data acquired from analytical data from an online dating network and conducted the research upon a group of selected adults. They observed that some of the vital psychological features and characteristics that are considered crucial to be sexually functional, the principal one being one’s body image.

The research also suggested that sexual functionality was essential to a person’s well-being, as well.

Now to talk about the results, body positivity helped achieve greater sexual satisfaction in both men and women, whereas, participants who were conscious of themselves reported not being able to give their best or enjoy the experience. Women felt increased pain and less pleasure during intercourse and accepted getting less to no arousal or claimed their mind was focused elsewhere (body-conscious). For men, they reported it being harder or more arduous to get an erection.

Researchers said that in both men and women, sexual satisfaction and function are closely connected to their body-image and how comfortable they were with themselves. They believe that an improvement in the mindset and a more positive outlook towards your own body while maintaining a loving relationship with yourself would have a massive effect on your sexual life.