Adopt These 33 Shopping Habits To Save Big And Never Go Broke Again

That feeling of being stuck in a debt loop when you know that most of your next month’s earnings would go towards paying off your credit card bills and EMIs is something you are most desperate to get your back off of. You make up your mind to be mindful of your expenses from then on but lose the faith of ever having savings the day your credit limit is renewed. It starts with you buying a pair of boots you had your eyes on for some time to a couple of trips to a fancy restaurant to get some artwork to reinvigorate your living room and you are back to your near-broke condition yet again.

Going over your transactions may provide some insight on expenditures that could have been avoided but you need to put in more effort than that. Also, you have to be motivated to keep a tab on your shopping habits all through the month and not merely the last week. To make this possible for you, we have written down some tips you could follow to always have money left in your bank account and lead a happier, stress-free life.


Stop carrying your credit cards with you

You would never have made most of your guilt purchases had you not had your credit cards with you all the time. So, if you go berserk upon seeing slashed prices, maybe leaving your cards at home would help. Instead, carry only as much cash as the amount you have planned to spend.



Have a strict budget and stick to it

You have always either underestimated the need for a budget or knew deep down that you won’t abide by it. Having a budget is crucial to living one’s life responsibly. You don’t want to buy a handbag and be both happy about having it and upset over depleting your bank balance even further by getting it. Take some time out and frame a budget from next month onwards to avert such situations in the future.



Make use of a budgeting app

No matter how much your income is, a meticulously prepared budget is your only requirement to live within it. It sets boundaries on the amounts you can afford to spend on your different needs and puts an end to reckless buying. Although it is quite easy to make your budget, feel free to turn to the budgeting apps out there should you find yourself in a tough spot.



Finish your shopping in a single trip

You can’t deny the obvious that each time you go shopping, you come back with two or more items that aren’t necessary but you buy out your lack of willpower. That expense can be cut down if you visit the stores less often by doing all your shopping in only one monthly trip.

Moreover, you’d save on the parking cost as well.



Don’t miss out on discount programs

Gone are the days when people would go shopping any day they liked and you too should stop doing it if you haven’t already. There is no point in shopping festive wear a month prior and letting go of holiday coupon codes. Similarly, it wouldn’t kill you to shop groceries on a weekday evening if that’s when you can avail of a certain percentage off. You would avoid the weekend rush too!