Adopt These 33 Shopping Habits To Save Big And Never Go Broke Again (2 of 7)

Check out the second-hand stores

Cut out the disgusted expression on your face and pay them a visit before forming any opinion.

Contrary to your expectations, the excellent conditions of items being offered there at negligible prices will take you by surprise. You can take our word for it. You won’t be disappointed. Talk with the owner and see if you can get rid of your regret purchases too by selling them.



Give mystery shopping a try

What we are about to tell you now will open your eyes to jobs you never knew existed. Mystery shopping involves doing some shopping, reviewing your experience in-depth, and getting paid for it. So basically it’s making money while enjoying what you love doing the most. Life can’t get any better. Can it?



Have a credit card which rewards you

It can be exhausting to peruse the long lists of rewards and the related terms and conditions different banks offer on their several credit cards but your efforts will reap fruits if you can pick out amongst them the one with the most benefits. Trust us. You can save a great deal if you possess the right card.



Try out the generic stuff

You will save yourself a decent sum if you can manage to grab a hold on your inexplicable need to have everything from reputed brands. A lot of stuff of the same quality is available in the generic market for less than a fourth of what you pay at a world-renowned brand store.



Look out for coupons in the newspaper

Let the money you pay for newspaper count and study the coupons section most carefully. You don’t want to be reckless and let go of a token that could get you a 10% off on an order from the new Chinese restaurant nearby!

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