These 15 Signs Scream That You Really Need Couple Therapy

It is inevitable for couples to not be on the same page at all times and have arguments (even heated ones) now and then. That being said, the necessity of having a clear idea of what is normal while what needs to be taken into account and worked upon is often not realized until it is too late. Moreover, there are many who, even after noticing the red flags, cannot bring themselves to talk their partners into seeking couples therapy. Our many misconceptions regarding such therapy are to be blamed for our lack of trust in it. We think it’s only for couples who are nearing breakup, or that a session at the therapists will bring back some buried, forgotten past and make matters worse. We can guarantee you that such notions are entirely false and couples therapy can do your relationship only good.

You must now be wondering whether couples therapy can solve your marriage problems too or what you are inferring as problems are nothing but how life after marriage is supposed to be.

The best advice is that couples see a therapist when their fights become too nasty and they take longer (over a day) to reconcile. To break it down even further, we have mentioned below 15 signs which could be heading you two towards separation. Talk with your partner and rectify things with the assistance of couples therapy should you feel you are dealing with one or more of them.


Your partner’s actions annoy you to the core

It can be anything from them forgetting to pick up the groceries on their way back home to delaying doing their share of the household chores, you get so vexed that you want to storm into your room, slam the door shut and never speak to them again. Even some thoughtful acts on their part are only met with your cranky remarks. You can hardly believe that this is the same person with whom you thought you would live happily ever after. Such a transition in your attitude towards your partner could be due to reasons different from what are apparent. Those hidden causes can be brought to light and dealt with through couples therapy.



Your partner doesn’t listen to you

The one person who used to understand you like no one else is now perplexed when you approach them with things you are bothered by. They label it as your overthinking or overreaction and care not one bit to patiently hear all about it and offer their suggestions or, at the least, say something to make you feel better. It is as if you are expected to keep your concerns to yourself like you are two people who unwillingly have to be together. Couples therapy makes the partners aware of the need for active communication for an ever-lasting relationship.



You can’t get past an issue

Fights, disapprovals, disagreements are normal between couples only as long as they both take the effort to work out the solution before it can get worse enough to put a dent on their bond.

Although an issue may seem too trivial to bring up after having quarreled over it the previous night, talking things out should always be preferred over keeping them suppressed at the back of your head. However, if repeated discussions only lead to more confusion and misunderstandings, a couples therapist must be consulted without any further delay.



The relationship is inhibiting both your individual as well as collective growth

No relationship can thrive unless the partners are supportive and uplift one another to help them accomplish their aspirations. There would be no place in your brain for positive thoughts when the person who means the most to you is making you doubtful of your career choices. In their head, they might be giving you their honest opinion but, while doing so, they have to have concerns over how it may impact you and the relationship negatively. Such a toxic environment will make you agitated encouraging similar responses from your side as well. Before it gets out of hand, we suggest you undergo couples therapy to take things back to normal.