These 15 Signs Scream That You Really Need Couple Therapy (2 of 4)

You never have any fights

Surprised how never having any fights can be a problem too? Don’t mistake it for everything going well. Conflict of opinions is bound to occur when two individuals have to make almost all, big or small, decisions after considering each other’s viewpoint. It is only a matter of minutes for such mere disagreements to lead to yelling, bashing the other, and whatnot. If you never see that happening in your relationship, you may have a cause for concern. What may be appearing as your partner’s understanding nature and confidence in your abilities could actually be their fading interest in you, or them battling with bigger issues that they aren’t sure of divulging to you.



You don’t have sex anymore

As a couple progresses in their relationship, physical intimacy between them gets sidelined while other aspects gain more prominence. Meeting work deadlines, fulfilling social responsibilities along with ensuring to not miss anything out in our personal lives can easily become draining. However, that shouldn’t mean you completely cut off physical acts of love with your partner and direct all your focus only to things that you can’t do without. Physical intimacy plays a bigger role in the relationship than it is credited for. Though you may not notice it, a lack thereof is bound to loosen the connection you share with your lover. This is one of the things couples therapy helps you work upon.



You see that you are more focused on the negatives rather than the positives

Each person has certain undesirable qualities that could have been offset by their positive attributes in the primary phases of the relationship. You may have been conscious of them from the start but didn’t think of them as good enough reasons for you to stop seeing them. Their relaxing company, calm nature, carefree outlook kept you hooked to them. And now that you have been together a while, you can’t control your annoyance over their slackness or unmindful attitude. In fact, you have a list at your fingertips of the things you wished they changed about themselves. You can’t dismiss that you must have fallen in love with them for a reason. Try out couples therapy to be reminded of what brought you both closer and become crazy about them all over again.



Either of you doesn’t approve of the other’s social networking

Social media has become an integral part of our lives and that it straining our relationships is a common subject nowadays. From keeping us connected to and updated about our close (or even distant) ones to being a savior during boredom, the different social networking sites are indeed a blessing. It doesn’t pose a problem in the relationship if the partners have clarity on points such as to what extent they can post about their personal life or whether occasional chatting with exes is fine or not. If you are having enraged discussions while attempting to decide on these, enroll for couples therapy. You would then be able to set boundaries agreeable to both of you.