Speedy Cleaning Hacks: TOP 10 Tips for a Clean Home in Half the Time

No one likes the act of cleaning, no matter what type of cleaning you have to do. It’s a mundane task that can be very tedious and time-consuming. Whether it’s washing the dishes or scrubbing the bathroom, it’s all a chore that most people would love to skip. But what if there was a way for you to drastically reduce the amount of time you had to spend cleaning? Well, the good news is that you can. Expert cleaners have given some pretty sweet tricks to reduce your cleaning time. With some careful planning, you can use these professional hacks to clean your house in no time.  

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Make sure you have a system in place

One of the biggest game changers in speed cleaning is making sure you have a good system. Every time you clean, you follow the same steps, establishing a routine. This routine enhances your cleaning efficiency. As a result, the quickness stems from the process, not from rushing. Truly, you can clean your house in significantly less time. It’s no mere trick.

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Clean from top to bottom and then left to right

A lot of times, we make cleaning more difficult because we don’t realize how we spread dirt. Most people clean what catches their eye, and as they move to another spot, the dirt from the previous area falls onto the freshly cleaned space. If you work from top to bottom and left to right, you ensure efficiency, preventing re-cleaning of the same spots.

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Be a proactive cleaner

Preventive cleaning can save you time in the long run by keeping dirt from building up. Spray it on every time you take a shower to keep your shower from getting dirty. Just spray it on, rinse it off, and leave. You don’t have to do anything, like wipe. 

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Be sure to have the right cleaning tools on hand

Keeping everything ready to use is a huge time saver, which means having things placed in their proper area. 

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Make use of your lemons

Lemons are a great tool for cleaning. They are naturally able to remove dirt, rust, and stains. Squeeze lemon juice onto the rust or stain and let it soak for 10 minutes. For very stubborn, old stains, scrub with a hard brush as well. 

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Get rid of kitchen grease

Grease is the number-one culprit in an unclean kitchen. A buildup of grease can be really hard to clean and can take up a lot of time in the cleaning process. Be sure to keep your grease to a minimum with a good dishwashing detergent, which you can dilute to one tablespoon of detergent in a gallon of warm water. 

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Tackle that pesky microwave

Microwaves can be hard to clean because many people let food and debris get caked up inside over time. So cleaning up all of this gunk takes a lot of time and effort to remove. But an expert hack is to use the microwave to your advantage. Place a coffee cup of water in the microwave until it is boiling hot. By doing this, moisture is formed, which loosens anything on the microwave’s top, sides, or bottom.

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Get rid of bathroom mold

Mold is notorious for creeping into bathrooms because they are not as well-ventilated as other spaces and are very damp areas in general. You can kill mold and mildew with hydrogen peroxide, letting it sit for 3 to 5 minutes. You can prevent mold from growing by being sure to turn on your bathroom fan during showers. 

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Stop mineral deposits from building up

You may have the urge to get rid of mineral deposits from hard water with a bristle brush. But that will ruin your faucets. So instead, try using white vinegar and cleaning with a cloth. This will be much easier on your fixtures, and you’ll get them to sparkle like new. 

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Get acquainted with the magic eraser

This handy tool is a lifesaver for cleaning hacks. Experts rave about how useful these little erasers are because you can use them on virtually anything. From bathtubs to countertops, you can clean them with the magic eraser. You can also clean walls and floors like tile, laminate, and even wood. And they definitely save time in comparison to constant scrubbing and spraying.