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8 Ways To Make Your Home Look Super Clean and Organized

Is your busy life getting in the way of a tidy home? If you pick up a few good habits, it will make the process much easier and your house will become a source of pride! Coming home to a tidy place can make a huge difference. After all, who among us is able to relax when we’re surrounded by mess and clutter? If you’re having problems with maintaining a clean home, you might find these 8 tips to be helpful.

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Clear Off Surfaces

Instead of putting things away into closets, cupboards and drawers, there is a tendency to just let them pile up on the counter, kitchen table, and even on the living room coffee table. As a result, it leaves you with little space to actually use these surfaces for their intended purposes. So when you start with the task of making your home look more orderly, clearing off the surfaces should be the first priority. Of course, make sure to clean the surfaces after use, especially the kitchen counters where you’re preparing food.

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Reorganize the Clutter

Although clutter doesn’t have the gross out factor of mildew, grime, or trash strewn about the place, it really makes your home an unpleasant sight. Think about getting rid of the things you don’t need. If you live in a studio apartment with limited floor space, invest in storage containers, cabinets, and other items where you can keep things organized and out of view when they are not being used. The days of tripping over boxes are over!

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A good vacuum is worth it

Having a clean carpet has a dramatic effect on your home. For one thing, removing the dirt, dander and dust keeps up a tidy appearance. Secondly, when you sprinkle some scented baking powder on the carpet, it keeps the room smelling fresh. Investing in a sturdy upright vacuum is a good move, and if you’ve got the budget for a Roomba (which aren’t cheap), even better. Vacuuming a couple times a week will do the trick, and a ban on walking around the house in shoes would also be helpful. 

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Keep the rooms smelling fresh

There are many different ways to keep the entire home smelling fresh all day long. Some opt for scented candles, oil or sticks. Others like those timed canisters that spray a scent every 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your setting preference. Refillable plug-ins are another possibility. Just be warned: guests that arrive to the warm, pleasant scents might never want to leave! 

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Keep the sofa in order

When you or your guests enter the home, the sofa is typically the first thing that greets you. Sofas are also where people gather to watch TV, play video games or generally hang out. With this in mind, making sure the sofa is free of coats, socks, scarves, bags, toys, and other random objects is such a considerate thing to do. Make sure the sofa cushions are in their proper places, get those throw pillows in order, straighten out the blanket, and make your living room liveable again!

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Bust out the feather duster

Dust doesn’t collect on your shelves overnight. It’s a gradual process, but at some point you (or your guests) will definitely notice the ring of dust that has gathered around the items on your shelves. Dust off those shelves at least once a month and use some lemon-scented Pledge to give it a nice shine.

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Keep The Sink Clear

Here is a motto to live by: a kitchen is only as clean as its sink. No matter how clean the countertops and kitchen table are, if you have a bunch of dirty dishes, bowls, and silverware pilling up in the sink, you’re going to have problems. You might even attract cockroaches and other vermin! So make sure you get those dishes washed (or placed in the dishwasher right away) and also be sure to scrub both the sink and the area around it so that mildew and grime don’t collect. 

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Make The Bed

If you want a tidy room, don’t merely put the mess away, make your bed every morning. It will be a welcoming sight every night when it is time to go to sleep. In addition, a made bed is the perfect surface to fold your clothes without your socks and underwear getting lost in the blankets. 


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