30 Low-Calorie Summer Snacks To Satiate Your Cravings Without Hampering Your Diet

Having to give up on our favorite snacks is the sole reason why many of us have been delaying starting a diet all over again. It was the culprit behind the failure of all our previous diet plans and we don’t feel ready yet to be capable of fighting our urge and not wreaking it over a slice of pizza.

Our love for snacking is unbound. Be it watching a movie on a Sunday evening, or a casual home party, or a lunch break at work, not one day feels complete unless we have treated ourselves to a fair portion of one or more snacks. Every once in a while, we do reflect on how badly it may be impacting our health but the grumpy behavior we exhibit when trying to cut down on them makes us go back to having the amount that we used to before.

Snacks are preferred for two main reasons – preparation is simple or ready availability and (obviously) addictive taste. Contrary to your belief, many healthy snacks are there which serve a good enough substitute for your Doritos or fries and you can eat them feeling no guilt at all. Read on and find out the best things to fall back on when cravings strike.


Hard-boiled eggs

You have them for breakfast every other day and adore the taste and texture. But who said you can’t enjoy them as a pre-dinner snack? They are packed with protein, vitamins, good fats, and also provide you choline, a substance which enhances memory. All of that you get while consuming fewer than 70 calories (per egg.) Drizzle some olive or toss them in a pan with some sautéed veggies and you have a delicious-nutritious snack.




These mushy-juicy balls serve a great purpose in enhancing the flavor of your sponge cakes and pies. Even if you may not be a big fruit lover, you do admit that once you start munching on them, they taste just fine. Then why not go for them to satisfy your sweet tooth? You may be surprised but a cup of blueberries has merely 84 calories and are a good source of Vitamin K and C, and fiber. It doesn’t end there. They also contain anthocyanins that help fight cancer and have compounds that can save you from contracting urinary tract infection.



Frozen Grapes

They come in different colors and varieties so feel free to pick your favorite and make it your post-lunch snack. For only 64 calories a cup, they are a blessing if you want to fit into your favorite swimwear without cursing yourself for not having a high metabolism. The multiple antioxidants along with Vitamin K and copper are bonuses.



Raspberries with Greek yogurt

This combination is to satisfy your dessert cravings, particularly ice cream. Get a cup of Greek yogurt, throw in a handful of fresh raspberries, give it a good mix and you have a creamy, mildly-sweet treat prepared with your own hands. You like its taste, Greek yogurt provides you protein, raspberries have fiber, and it doesn’t have even half as many calories as any ice cream. Do you still have something to complain about?