30 Low-Calorie Summer Snacks To Satiate Your Cravings Without Hampering Your Diet (2 of 8)


You like them added in your cookies and cakes but ever tried having just them slightly roasted or soaked? Not only are almonds loved for their texture by many but are also rich in fiber, calcium, vitamin E, protein, and good fats. They are, in fact, the best of all nuts. Moreover, the fiber and protein in them gives you a feeling of fullness and discourage you from any further snaking post having them.



Cucumbers with olive tapenade

It may sound unappetizing but, trust us, it does have in it to become your new favorite snack! Chop a quarter of a cucumber into elongated or round pieces and then top it with a spoonful or two of olive tapenade. Cucumbers have negligible calories (16 for a cup) while the tapenade is generous in healthy fats. Additionally, the cucumber is mostly water so it saves you from bloating too.



Avocado crackers

We know you love your avocado toast and that’s why we have put here a bite-sized, better version of it. Spread some mashed avocado on multigrain crackers and your healthy yet low-calorie snack for today is ready within a few minutes. The unsaturated fatty acids in avocado will take care of your heart’s health while its potassium content will keep your blood pressure and sodium level in check.




You could not have enough of cherries as a child but what faded your fondness for them as you grew up? Now maybe the best time to restart relishing these bright and flavorful globes. A serving of one cup will be less than 100 calories and give you a good dose of anthocyanins and certain antioxidants which are known to help with inflammation and stabilizing cholesterol as well as triglyceride level.