Find Squats Boring? Here Are 9 Interesting Butt Exercises To Keep Your Motivation Up (2 of 3)

Curtsy lunges

As the name suggests, this move is pretty similar to a curtsy. Stand and position your feet precisely hip-width apart, hold your arms bent and palms pressed tightly together in the level of your bosom. Next, step a leg diagonally backward and bend the knees at 90 degrees, ensuring they remain behind your toes. Wait for a second, press your stable foot down to keep you balanced and then, haul the stretched-out leg back and make a sideward kick.



Heel-lifted sumo squat

Stand with feet wide apart (a little more than the width of your shoulders), toes pointing a bit outwards. Lift one heel and sink your hips into a deep squat. The most crucial thing is to never let your knees go any forward than your toes. You may find it hard to balance but just keep your core tight and you will be fine. Press your other feet as you get up to finish the rep.



Bear plank leg lifts

Get into a plank by placing your hands right under the shoulders and lifting your body until all your weight is on hands and the balls of feet. Your body has to be perfectly straight, from your head to your heels. Raise a leg, bend it by 90 degrees and push your foot upwards the maximum you can. Take a pause, lower it, and straighten and join with the other leg. One rep’s done.