Find Squats Boring? Here Are 9 Interesting Butt Exercises To Keep Your Motivation Up

The passion among women for a perfectly sized and shaped booty is only growing by the day. And why wouldn’t anyone be ready to put their life into building their derrière into a shape no person can stop gaping at? There is indeed no such pleasure as making all the girls around us fuming with jealousy and all the guys losing their hearts to us. Moreover, the fact that it makes any dress or even a pair of worn-out jeans hug our body accurately cannot be left out of consideration. Not having to try out a hundred pieces of bottom wear and eventually settling with any average-fitted one seems like a dream that would come true if we devote some time to exercising and consuming proteins in adequate proportion.

A common word that pops in the mind at the mention of round buttocks is squats. The number of people swearing by squats on social media is countless and you see no valid reason to doubt its effectiveness on your haunches. While they may have amazed some and disappointed others, a conclusion you sure will stand by if you’ve ever tried it is that they get boring in less than a week. Although adding weights do make it more challenging but can’t save you from quitting after a while. Don’t lose hope. In this article, we are going to acquaint you with 9 butt exercises which will make working out an activity you will get addicted to. Since these require no equipment, you have no excuse for delaying starting with them.


Single-leg glute bridge

Lie down on the back, knees bent and feet relaxing on the ground. Throw one leg straight in the air. You then have to raise your pelvis as much as it’s possible. Take a second’s pause, lower the hips until they are just an inch from the mat/floor, and go back up again. That’s a rep done.



Hydrants with leg extension

Get down on your knees and hands (knees have to be hip-width apart and hands at a distance of shoulder-width.) Keeping the knees bent at 90 degrees, raise one leg sideways up till the height of your hips and then, straighten it fully. Carefully, bend the knee back and lower your leg to return to the initial position.




For this one too, the starting position is the same as for the former one. Get on all your fours. Having your foot and toes pointed, lift the right leg to push it above towards the ceiling. Steadily, lower it and tap the ground with your toes. Engage your glutes when you raise your leg again and, when you lower it this time, you have to tap on the ground around a foot away in the leftward direction next to the foot of the leg you are kneeling on. You finish a rep of this when you get back to the first position.