This 10 Minutes Workout Will Transform Your Abs In No Time

A fit and lean body on which every dress falls perfectly is something we all have on our list of things we want to achieve. There are endless reasons why a good body shape is so much desired and strived for. To start, it gives us a sense of hold on ourselves as well as our lives and this makes it easier to carry out our personal and professional commitments without nagging or complaining. Another major blessing that comes with a healthy body is a calm and peaceful mind which is as much needed as it is hard to have given the stressful lives we are leading and how overworked we feel by the end of each day. The next big advantage is that one can put on any dress and know that one will rock it like a professional model. We can on and on and still have a thing or two more to add.

That being said, does everybody get the attractive and sculpted body they long for? We don’t even need to answer that. So, what is it which makes us give up each time we start? Everyone’s explanation for that would be different. Some don’t see the results that quick, others pick up a workout regimen so boring or intense that they tend to up sooner or later.

To look like you do in your daydreams, you need a bucket load of perseverance, will power, agility, and whatnot. It may be harder for some than for others but if you have made up your mind, there is nothing that can impede you. You just have to diligently follow a diet and exercise plan and you will be there in shockingly less time. To get you on track, we have mentioned below some exercises which will take merely 10 minutes but are just sufficient. Beware, they are going to give you the burn. Just have your goal in mind and keep going. Worry not! There is no equipment required to perform these.


The workout

The routine we are talking about comprises of a superset and a tri-set. Let’s first detail you about the superset. You are required to do both the exercises one after the other for the recommended duration, taking a short rest post each lap. When you have completed three laps of these two, get a minutes’ rest, and then you can start with our tri-set moves. You will need a timer here. Set it for exactly 6 minutes and do each tri-set move without any gap for the mentioned number of reps.

  • The Superset: includes plank, and dead bug.
  • The Tri-set: includes ab bikes, toe taps, and oblique crunch.




Step One: Position your forearms on the floor, your elbows have to be right below the shoulders. Holding your legs together behind you, lift your hips to get all your weight on your forearms, toes, and balls of feet.

Step Two: Brace your abdomen and keep your spine straight. Stay in this pose for half a minute, taking deep breaths the whole time.




Step One: Lie down on the back, arms extended towards the ceiling, and bend the knees at 90 degrees thereby positioning your shins and the floor are parallel.

Step Two: Extend one arm behind your head and also, simultaneously, lower the leg of the opposite side by extending the hip and knee. Take care that the movement of your arm and that of the leg are in sync. Your spine has to stay neutral throughout.

Step Three: Now raise the arm as well as the leg to come to the original position. Perform the same on the other side. That completes a rep. Do this non-stop for half a minute.



Ab bikes

Step One: Lie down on the back with legs neatly extended in the front. Bend the elbows and position all your fingers on the back of your head, just behind the ears. Now, lift both the legs, head, and also your shoulders.

Step Two: Keeping one of the legs extended, pull the other one in, towards the chest. At the same time, twist your torso slightly to tap on the knee with your elbow of the other side. Switch the side and do the same. 20 reps of this must be done to finish the superset.