This 10 Minutes Workout Will Transform Your Abs In No Time (2 of 2)

Toe taps

Step One: Lie down on the back, your legs together and at an angle of 90° from your body. Stretch out your hands on the sides and then, bend them to get them by your ears.

Step Two: You now have to extend both the arms in the air to reach your toes. This requires you to lift your head as well as your chest. Keep in mind to do it smoothly and not with a jerk.

Step Three: Gradually, come back to the original position by lowering your torso, then the head, and, at last, get your hands by your ears. This whole is one rep. Continue doing the same for 14 more times before you move on to the next exercise.



Oblique crunch

Step One: Lie both your palms on the floor/mat (not too apart, just shoulder-width), hold your feet together right behind you. Your entire weight resting on your toes and the balls of feet.

Step Two: Make sure your back is straight so that your abdominals are stable. Now, bend one knee and bring it as far near your elbow of the same side as you can.

Step Three: Extend it to go back to the initial position. Do the same thing with your other leg. This completes one rep. You have to do 16 of this.

That ends our list of some of the best and most effective ab exercises. We do hope you are excited to try them out and show the flab on your tummy the door.

So, when do you plan to start?