Top 21 Easy Snacks To Help You Stay Healthy

We all love relishing delicious food. However, if you love cooking too, you’d know how difficult it is to put a hold on eating those lip-smacking (unhealthy) delicacies. Well, we won’t stop you from eating whatever you wish, just for today. Starting tomorrow, you will be ready to take your food cravings head-on, thanks to some of our delicious recipes that are not just healthy but also quite easy to cook!

Remember, eating is always a choice. A rather choice, if you actually learn the importance of eating healthy food.

A lot of studies have proved how changing into a healthy snacking pattern has helped in numerous detoxing ways of both physical and mental health. So, check out the recipes for a healthy way of eating what you love.

Before that, put things on hold for the next few minutes and follow this article for healthy recipes to cook perfectly balanced meals for the entire day.

Heaven-Made Desserts

Have you ever stocked enough chocolates to secretly eat while following a diet? Well, you can now finally say no to your unhealthy sweets because we have tracked down the perfect solution. Starting today, fight your sugar cravings with our healthy 7 sweet recipes that will look straight out of your dreams. They are easy recipes that are decadent and healthy. You now have a healthy alternative to your sweet cravings, don’t you?


Dates with Nut Butter

Dates are nothing but nature’s candy. This recipe is simple, is delicious, and is something you need in life. Along with being healthy, dates are good sources of antioxidants that have been proven to improve the blood sugar level.

All you need to do is take good few many dates and cut them open using knife, so that small ditch is formed within. Now, stuff any amount of cashew, almond, or peanut and butter into your sliced open dates and cover it with any maple syrup.



Sliced Apple Drizzled with Tahini

If you haven’t topped your sweet cravings with Tahini, this is your calling to do so. And if you haven’t tried the sliced apple and tahini combo, you’re very much missing out. Healthy snacking doesn’t get any simpler and honestly yummier than this right here.

A Tahini sauce is similar to that of a Hazelnut spread, which is usually made by separating the bran from the kernels. Sliced apples and a topped with a drizzle of tahini are the simplest sweet you can bring to the table. The thing that separate this from the other delicacies is it’s unique flavor and texture, which blends in with apple in a way, that’ll make you smack your taste-buds.



One Ingredient Ice Cream

Are you looking for something cold and sweet, today? This 100% my favorite way to kill the craving. This is also lactose friendly, as this recipe contains no Milk, so everyone can enjoy the savory.

The process is to simply cut open few bananas, and cut them into small pieces and put them in a blender or a food processor. Blend until you get a smooth creamy paste. Not put this mix in a container and freeze it overnight. You’ll have a truly one-ingredient ice-cream the next day. For people, who want to cheat a little, use a little milk while processing to improve the taste.



Crispy Cocoa Kale Chips

A yummy cocoa chip served with kale is a recipe that is up and ready for you. Moreover, the healthiness it exhumes will want to make you crave it just more. To make the most perfect, crispy, and crunchy sweet, you need a good bunch of kale leaves and coca chips.

In a hot saucepan, put about 2 inches of Kale leaves to 15-20 ml of coconut oil and stir it until it becomes brownish. At this point, put the cocoa chips in the pan and smoothly mix it with the leaves. Now, after this pour this mixture in a baking pan, and bake it a preheated oven for 15 minute at 1500 Celsius. Enjoy your freshly made baked kale leaves with cocoa.



Banana Oat Cookies

What are you planning to bake this Sunday afternoon?

These cookies are incredibly tasty and delicious and can’t get any healthier than this. They contain almost no sugar, flour-base or any additives. This recipe is so easy, that it can never go wrong and anyone can make it in just 30 minutes. The recipe is simple, take 2-3 bananas and smash them into a pulp, while adding about 50 mgs of oatmeal, as you mix it. You may add you choice of flavoring such as vanilla or nutmeg. Now in a basted oven pan, pour these into cookie shapes and bake until crisp and hard. Enjoy your delight.