Top 21 Easy Snacks To Help You Stay Healthy (2 of 4)



Instant Chia Pudding

The unique thing about Chia seeds is that it can turn any liquid into jelly, without actually using gluten as base, which eliminates gluten and also makes the near-perfect consistent gruel.

To make this, take a reasonable amount of oatmeal, with some crushed Chia seeds and blend it in a mixture using Almond Milk, until it almost turns thin as oil. At this point, cover the container with a lid and wait until the pudding sets in. Serve in your pretty bowl immediately.



Yummy Strawberry Ice Cream

What is your favorite ice-cream flavor? Mine is this sexy strawberry.

With its classy color and luxurious taste, it can never go out of style. One of the classics, is just as easy to make, all you need is five ingredients. In a bowl or beaker, cut pieces of strawberry into small cubes, and crush them until no lumps remain. Now in this, mix any type of creamy milk of your choice and complement it with crushed nuts of your choice. Whip it with a whisker until it is creamy and consistent and then freeze it overnight.

Chips And Much More

Do you also belong to the “less oil, more chips” cheering squad? We are sending you extra love because we belong to the same squad. *High-Five*

Now all that is left for you to do is, grab a bowl and a partner. You are now ready to take down some munchies from our 7 exciting recipes.


Roasted Chickpeas

A truly one step, one ingredient recipe, that is ready in 10-15 minutes. Here is how to turn a basic chickpea into a flavorful, crispy, and delectable treat. To a bunch of fresh canned chickpeas, add cumin spice, salt, and a little syrup to rinsed chickpeas, and make sure to cover all the peas with this syrup. Now, put it on an oven dish and put it a preheated oven to bake the chickpeas until they get a crunchy and crispy texture.



Air-popped Popcorn

Who says popcorn is only a movie time snack? Many consider it to be unhealthy, but that it owed by the fact that a load of butter, salt, and other unhealthy spices are used to enhance its flavors. If we exclude all these additives, it’s actually a very healthy snack.

The simple way is to buy organic kernels. And dry pop it or bake it, using salt or coconut oil, either in a dry pan or an oven. To cheat a little on this indulgent, you can add a blob of butter along with coconut oil, to make it more delicious.



Steamed Edamame

For the fitness freaks, who are vegan too, you need not worry about your protein needs. Where do think vegans get their proteins from? Soybeans!

Maybe not much appetizing by appearance, but once you experience the freshness and lightness of this snack, there’s no coming back. Simple way to cook Edamame is to boil it in water for 10 minutes. After straining the water, serve the fresh steamed soybeans with a pinch of salt (as required).