Healthy Food Trends For 2020

It’s not just technology that is rapidly increasing and developing, but also the food that we make as well. From the different types of food we can now make, there are new food trends that are surfacing. What’s nice about these trends is that a lot of these foods are very good for you.

From plant-based burgers to oat milk lattes, there are all kinds of wondrous food being made that people can indulge in with no worries. Here are some of the trends to look out for this year.


Sweet Potato

This vegetable is nothing new of course, but sweet potato is being found in all kinds of different foods lately. It’s similar behaviour to the cauliflower trend being found in various foods. When it comes to sweet potato, there is Banza’s Plant-Based Mac with Chickpea Pasta that uses sweet potato.

Another example is Maria and Ricardo’s grain-free plant wraps, as well as Spudsy sweet potato chips.

These trends are incredible considering sweet potato is packed with all kinds of nutrients no matter how it’s served up.



Fake & Nutritious Fish

Last year was burgers, but this year is all about fish. Similar to the Impossible Burger, a company called Tuno managed to make a seafood alternative for fish. It tastes much like canned tuna, but is made out of soy protein and seaweed.

Another company called Good Catch, offers many other seafood options without fish too that’s worth considering too.

All in all these are great options as seafood is generally recommended by many health institutions including the American Heart Association. It is key to living a healthy life and having an option for people who don’t quite like fish is good in our book.



Snacks For Better Sleeping

Many people struggle with sleeping these days now more than ever before. However the options for getting more sleep have always been limiting. You have traditional sleeping pills sure, but not everyone is keen on them.

This has sparked companies to form and to start offering other unique – and appealing – alternatives. You have Pukka, which offers caffeine-free Night Time Lattes that mixes lavender and chamomile into the cups.

Both of those herbs have plenty of health benefits but also serve as a sedative to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Another company to note is Good Source Foods. One of their products is an Evening Calm Dark Chocolate Cluster. It’s got ingredients like cherries, lavender and turmeric which all benefit your health and improve sleep quality too.