Shocking Places Where Bacteria Thrive

Bacteria, every germaphobe’s worst nightmare. The thing is though that bacteria is not something that’s going anywhere. Not even our cleaning efforts are going to completely remove those pesky germs.

In fact, research shows that there is more bacteria on Earth alone than stars in our entire universe.

Now that’s not to say the bacteria is bad. One of the misconceptions is that all bacteria is bad. It’s actually not. A lot of them are very beneficial and exist in all kinds of places. Places where you least would expect them. Today, we’re going to explore where some of those places are.


Sheets And Comforters

One other quick fact to keep in mind with bacteria is that they can rapidly multiply when in the right environments. In the span of eight hours, one bacterium can become over 16 million bacteria.

One such favourable environment for these bacteria is sheets and comforters. For one, it’s nice and cozy for them just as much as us. One other reason bacteria linger there is because bacteria feeds off of dead skin which we shed while we sleep.

This is the reason why it’s prudent we dust our sheets on the regular and wash them every week or two.



Mouth Guards

Certain sports require that we wear a mouthguard. That’s fine, however many of the users don’t properly clean them between each game. That build-up of saliva is perfect for bacteria to cling to but also to grow in numbers on that bit of plastic.

Not only that but letting them stay in cases without cleaning them is dangerous as well. Mouth guards are prone to carry diseases all because of poor cleaning and then it gets dropped or we pick it up with dirty hands before placing it back in our mouths.

Do yourself a favour and just wash the thing diligently.



Pet Toys

Our furry pals are amazing, but it’s important to understand the extent their toys carry bacteria too. Animals have bacteria as well and so you want to exercise some caution when handling toys.

Make sure you are scrubbing and cleaning the hard toys with bleach along with soap and water. If not, you are presenting unnecessary risk of bacterial infections to you and others.




A public place where a lot of people eat but also perfect for bacteria to thrive in. Everyone is sneezing, coughing, eating, and talking, making it easy for germs to start spreading about.

Pair that up with potential food or drinks spilling on the floor, you’ve got a recipe for more germs to spread.

With all this in mind, we’d recommend you sanitize your hands and try cleaning up around the area you were eating at. Also, make sure that you are washing your hands vigorously before and after every visit.



Kitchen Counters

On the note of food, kitchens are also a large spot for bacteria to spread. Specifically the counters. While in the kitchen, we are doing all kinds of things: cutting, kneading, cooking. Not to mention there are all kinds of food items scattered around the place too.

Make a point of cleaning your kitchen on the regular. If you leave a mess, clean it up. Also once a month, spray disinfectant solution on your countertop, and let it air dry.