9 Foods To Eat To Promote Hair Growth

The long lustrous locks are fed on nutrition that most of us forget to include in our daily diet. The right meal can give healthy and long hair on a long-term basis. Hence, it is necessary to include certain food items in your diet that can boost the health of your hair and make it look shiny and attractive. Here are 9 best foods items that anyone can eat to promote hair growth




Biotin is a hair supplement that supports hair growth. An egg is the natural source of biotin, which stimulates the production of the hair protein keratin. Eggs are also rich in protein, zinc, and selenium which are another important ingredient for healthy hair.




A deficiency of minerals can cause hair loss. Including spinach in the diet can balance the level of minerals and folate, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C that promote hair growth. Spinach is also a natural hair conditioner as it contains sebum. Omega 3 acids in Spinach can help keep hair healthy and shiny.




Including salmon in your diet can reduce hair fall and boost hair growth as it is a rich source of omega 3 and omega 6. The vitamin D3 and protein in salmon are good to add shine to the hair.