Causes Behind Your Sudden Weight Gain As Explained By Doctors And Nutritionists

If there is one thing we can all unanimously agree on, it is the fact that losing weight isn’t as easy as those green tea commercials try to make us believe. It requires immense dedication and perseverance to achieve the desired body shape. We have weddings, festivals, work pressure, relationship stress and the like which make us give up on our attempts to get into a fitter body altogether.

Worse off are those whose bodies don’t respond to dieting and exercising the way they expect it to. They would never indulge in their favorite treat or miss the gym and yet the flabs on their tummy would refuse to melt. Or, there are the ones who may just be going on with their regular lifestyle and might suddenly start to put on weight. You need to stop cursing yourself if you are either of the two. You aren’t the only one. There are many out there who just can’t figure out what the heck is up with their bodies or what they may be doing that’s causing them to stack on more and more fat. The following text elucidates the factors which (surprisingly) play a part when it comes to changes in your body weight.


Your portions might be big

With lifestyles getting busier, people are becoming more and more reliant on restaurant food. What we do not realize is that, firstly, the food at restaurants cannot match the nutritional level of the meals we can prepare in our homes, and secondly, the portions we are served outside are way bigger than what we need.

This doesn’t end here. As per a research conducted last year, people are prompted to have bigger portions of even home-cooked food for about a week after every meal they eat outside. This makes our serving size to go up every year. Even an increase of a mere 5% means you are consuming 100 more calories in a day. If you follow the portion size as suggested on the packaging of ready-to-eat foods, do not be chilled that you are eating the right amount as that is according to the serving people generally have and not the quantity they should be having.

What do you need to do?

Bigger portions aren’t something hard to tackle. You have to take two simple steps and, in no time, you will be amazed to notice how agile and energetic adequate serving sizes can make you feel. One of them is to be aware of the quantity you serve yourself. You could make use of a measuring cup to keep that in check. The other thing is to eat slow, chew your food well, and to wait for 20 minutes before you decide that you need more to be full. This is for the reason that it takes your brain 20 minutes to understand whether your tummy is full or not.