21 Impactful Methods To Imbibe Healthy Eating Habits

With 2019 already here, its time that we all cut the junk out of our diet and focus more on healthy eating to make ourselves fitter and healthier – both mentally and physically. Here’s a list of effective ways to cut out the carb and binge on healthier food items:


1. Start by cooking a batch at a go

Every week cook a considerable batch of beans or grains, whichever you prefer. This batch will act as a base in case of other food items that you will eat in the week. Ensure that this base is only meant for other food items that are healthy, such as salads. Cooking a container of quinoa will allow you to use it as a breakfast cereal or healthy mid time snacks.



2. Prefer black tea or coffee

One of the best ways to cut down the calories and eat healthily is by avoiding any cream or sugar. Without adding sugar or cream, you will be able to drink healthier. However, it certainly will take some time to get the habit of this particular kind of tea/coffee but once you do, you are sure to enjoy the best beverages ever, trust me!



3. Make use of this essential guide to food portions

Eating when you’re starving can lead to an excessive intake of food items which is why you should know the portion of food you need properly. Always remember that your fist measures about half a cup, the size of your palm is about 3 oz of meat, your fingertip is the size of a teaspoon and your thumb is equal to a tablespoon.



4. Use the healthiest ingredients available

A lot of your favorite dishes use unhealthy ingredients, which is why you can learn to turn them healthier by switching them with better substitutes. This will ensure that you stick to your plan/resolution for a longer duration and stay healthy. For instance, you can switch half the number of potatoes in your dish for cauliflowers or some other veggies that are healthy, and change your diet into a healthy one.



5. Avoid frying your food

This is the golden rule of eating healthy. You must by any means avoid frying your food, be it veggies or chicken. Instead, you could roast your food for a healthier meal. Roasting will help you make your food crunchy without the use of too much oil, and taste exactly the same or sometimes, even better!



6. Don’t eat meat on Mondays

When you try cooking in the absence of meat, it helps you make a healthier dish for yourself and allows you to consume a larger amount of vegetables. In the case of vegetarians, you could go ahead and try consuming a vegan diet on Mondays. You can always Google for sumptuous vegetable dishes that could fill you up and also deligh your taste buds.



7. Avoid processed food at any cost

Stick with healthy choices such as nuts, fruits, to name a few. Avoid any kind of processed food such as chips or in the form of ingredients, salt, fat, artificial dyes, etc. Although, you must have heard of this several times and it is time that you start following this.



8. Stop yourself from having two consecutive drinks

When you’re out partying, it is important to have some water between two drinks that you chug. This is an effective way to hydrate yourself and consume lesser calories in the form of liquid. Also, it is highly unlikely for you to get wasted after doing this.



9. Carry food for lunch at least once every seven days

Self-prepared food is a lot healthier than what you’d buy from your cafeteria or restaurant. Since everyone has a busy schedule now, start slowly by cooking yourself food weekly once or twice. You can also prepare it a day prior so that you save time the next day. Try getting in the habit very soon and you’ll start noticing the changes in your overall health.



10. Make wise decisions while snacking

You can make your snacking decisions a lot healthier by swapping them for tasty alternatives. The internet has a wide assortment of substitutes to fulfill your desires and to satisfy your sweet tooth. Have a look and find what suits you the best. Enjoy a fun meal with healthy choices instead of junk food.



11. Give the veggies number 1 priority

Pick out the vegetables and eat them before you consume anything else on your plate. This will fill up your stomach with healthy food and that way you’d consume very little of junk food – a great trick for people who absolutely love their good ol’ fries!



12. Make use of ½ whole grain flour

It is clear that no one is going to live in the absence of cakes, cookies, and other bakery items. ½ whole grain flour is almost as good as whole grain flour and is a lot healthier in comparison. It ensures higher content of fiber, protein, and lower calorie intakes. So, the next time you plan on eating cakes or cookies, you know which ones to order.



13. Be part of community-supported agriculture or CSA

This allows you to seasonally subscribe to farmers to get fresh vegetables directly from them. This will indirectly compel you to consume a number of vegetables. You can look for local programmes running in your local area and quickly subscribe to the same.



14. Substitute the soda for seltzer

You’ve probably heard this a billion times but soda and fizzy drinks aren’t good for your weight or your teeth. To avoid the intake of soda, you can dress water or seltzer with lemons or some fresh herbs to make your drink look tropical. Try avoiding sugar in this case as well, and you’ll definitely come to thank us later.



15. Consume proteins instead of loading yourself with carbohydrates

Replacing carbs with protein is the kind of diet you definitely want to have because it leads to greater nutritional value and gives you strength. Japanese people have adopted these eating habits for long now and its time we do too! It is a great way to keep your tummy full as well.



16. Keep tinier plates on your table

According to research, bigger plates have a tendency to give you the feeling of eating less which reduces the level of satisfaction that you have. In order to trick your mind into eating lesser, use smaller plates for the purpose.



17. Double the egg whites as compared to the yolks

It is always better to have egg whites as they are rich in protein but we all know that an omelet with only egg whites is not half the fun. Instead of cutting out the yolk completely, ensure you use lesser egg yolk as compared to the white portion. This helps you avoid many saturated fats and go for a healthier meal.



18. Make your meal colorful

Bright fruits or veggies usually tend to indicate towards a higher level of nutrient content which is why it is necessary to include all kinds of colors in your meal daily.



19. Make it a point to add seeds to your food

Seeds are a killer way to eat nutrients as they usually have a lot of nutrient content. Chia seeds are a source of great power and so are pumpkin and flax seeds. You can sprinkle these seeds in your cereal and you even get drinks with chia seeds.



20. Have fruit instead of juice

Having fruit will increase the level of fiber that you consume. It will also cut down on the sugar levels you may end up consuming in case of fruit juices.



21. Cook meals with ½ ingredients that are vegetables

For every meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, ensure that half of the constituents are vegetables. This makes for a healthier meal and ensures your overall well-being.


So, follow these 21 methods and imbibe healthy eating habits for a good body and a sound mind.