These High Protein, Easy To Cook Meals Are A Must-Have For Your Diet

Protein should be a major part of your diet if you are looking to build lean and strong muscles.

Not only does protein help in muscle repair after your workout sessions, but it also helps you in maintaining a healthy metabolic rate, says nutrition expert Kelly Jones.

And the best part about protein diets is that it keeps you full for hours, and that prevents you from overeating. Jones says that it happens because, unlike carbs and fats, proteins move through the intestine at a snail pace, making you feel satiated. That is why an ideal meal should have plenty of protein with fats and fiber to keep you healthy and full.

Protein is useful for people who work out daily. How much your body exactly needs, though, depends on your body requirements and weight. As a rule of thumb, you should multiply your body weight in pounds by 0.13 to get the number of proteins per meal, in grams. So, for instance, if your weight is 150 pounds, you should be eating roughly around 20 grams of protein per meal.

And if you are worried about how you will manage to get it into your diet, do not fret about it.

You can effortlessly fix your diet by including a couple of eggs with some toast, or pair quinoa with tofu, or just have four ounces of chicken. The options you have are limitless. We’ve compiled a list of 25 protein-packed meal ideas for you.


Vegan Grain Bowl with Pesto

The best part about this meal is the lentils and farro. You can increase the amount of pesto and the leftovers will easily last a week.

Per serving: 480 calories

Protein: 20 g

Carbs: 62 g

Fiber: 16 g

Fat: 19 g

Sugar: 5 g

Sodium: 270 mg



Sheet Pan Miso Ginger Tempeh

A protein-packed meal full of spices, it packs all the major flavor that will tingle your taste buds.

Per serving: 430 calories

Protein: 28 g

Carbs: 54 g

Fiber: 17 g

Fat: 14 g

Sugar: 15 g

Sodium: 440 mg



Paleo & Whole30 Sesame Chicken

This easy to cook version of the popular takeout dish will surely impress you. All it takes is 25 minutes to cook.

Per serving: 432 calories

Protein: 29 g

Carbs: 19 g

Fiber: 1 g

Fat: 25 g

Sugar: 10 g

Sodium: 938 mg



Whole30 Cobb Salad

Cooked using chicken, avocado, and eggs, this sumptuous meal covers everything your body needs and packs it with a taste you’ll keep coming back to. Try this!

Per serving: 521 calories

Protein: 27 g

Carbs: 8 g

Fiber: 4 g

Fat: 42 g

Sugar: 2 g

Sodium: 518 mg



Turkey Falafel Meatballs served with Lemon Yoghurt Sauce

Mediterranean recipes are just *wow* and these meatballs surely would not disappoint your taste buds. Pair it up with some hummus and veggies to take it to the ultimate level.

Per serving: 338 calories

Protein: 22 g

Carbs: 20.6 g

Fiber: 3.6 g

Fat: 19.1 g

Sugar: 4.9 g

Sodium: 732.6 mg