This Is How Often You Should Wash Your Hair And Change Sheets, According To Experts

It goes without saying that in order to maintain a healthy life one needs to maintain a healthy personal hygiene. As Steven Reisman, MD adds, from brushing teeth to washing the hair, and showering at regular intervals helps us in getting rid of harmful parasites and germs, as well as potential infectious diseases. We end up collecting all sorts of harmful germs and pathogens on a daily basis, and these can cause diseases if we fail to maintain good personal hygiene.

While almost all of us are aware of the hygiene tasks we need to follow in order to stay healthy, how often should we do them is often not clear. We sat down and talked to multiple health experts regarding hygiene tasks such as washing one’s hair, feet, hands, and more. There is a high likelihood that you might be falling short on a few of those, while overdoing some of them! Without further ado, let’s check out what the health experts have to say.


How often should I take a shower?

Contrary to a popular opinion, one doesn’t need to shower too often. In fact, you might be showering more than you are supposed to! As Medical News Today article points out, middle-aged men and women can easily get away with showering once or twice every week.

Children, on the other hand, should shower every few days, and teenagers should take a shower every day. And obviously, people who work out and sweat a lot should shower more frequently.

The thing is, if you feel clean and fresh, there is no reason why you should shower. In fact, it can even harm your skin as bathing too often can rob your skin of the good bacteria required to keep your skin infection-free.



How often should I wash my hair?

How often should one wash their hair is quite a burning topic these days. While a lot of people would say that one should wash their hair daily, the rest claim it is healthier to wash it less. And both are right in their own way – it all depends on what kind of hair you have and how often you like washing your hair.

Shilpi Khetrapal, a dermatologist suggests that since every person’s hair differs based on their ethnic background, age, level of physical activity, and the kind of hair they have, there is no one straight answer as to how often one should wash their hair.

She adds that women who are old, or are African American, or have darker hair should wash their hair less often. In fact, even for people who work out daily, washing it every single day is not a good idea. She further adds that maintaining a regular schedule – it can be weekly, or twice a week, or even once every month – is a key, rather than anything else.



How often should I brush my teeth?

Unlike the confusion regarding how often one should wash their hair, there’s no doubt about how often you should brush your teeth. All dentists suggest that you should brush your teeth twice daily – once after you wake up and once before you hit the bed at night. Kally Hancock, a dentist, and dental blogger points out that brushing your teeth before going to bed will allow your toothpaste to do its thing and keep your mouth safe from harmful germs.

Also, cleaning between the teeth is crucial to keep them healthy, it doesn’t necessarily have to be flossing. Daniel Blaze, a California-based dentist adds that you can use anything, from interdental picks to rubber tips and water picks to clean your teeth. One can even go for hydro-flossers to keep oral hygiene on point.