This Is How Often You Should Wash Your Hair And Change Sheets, According To Experts (2 of 2)

How often should I cut my nails?

We all love getting a manicure, but cutting nails should be a hygiene task we cannot afford to ignore. We should try to keep the toenails, as well as the fingernails as short as possible, in order to avoid a buildup of dirt and germs that can cause all sorts of infections, adds Matthew Ross, co-founder of The Slumber Yard. And while there isn’t exactly a clear formula as to how often one should trim their nails, you should trim down the nails the moment you start noticing dirt building up under them.



How often should I wash my hands?

WebMD suggests that instead of keeping count of how many times you should wash your hands every day, you should focus on the situations in which you ought to wash your hands.

For instance, every time you set out to cook something and after you’ve done the cooking, you should wash your hands. Similarly, washing hands before and after your meal is a sign of good hygiene. After you use the bathroom, you should wash your hands. The same goes for every time you sneeze, blow your nose, or cough. In fact, you should also wash your hands after you feed your pet, as animals can be carriers of a lot of harmful germs.



How often should I wash my feet?

While people do wash their hands quite often, they often end up skipping washing their feet, which is not a good thing to do if you want to maintain good personal hygiene. People think that since their feet get wet while they are taking a shower – it is okay. It is not.

According to podiatrist Velimir Petkov, one should wash their feet on a daily basis.

Our feet are covered with germs and bacteria, in the same way as the rest of the body.

Plus, they are also covered in sweat and dirt if we wear shoes or walk around barefoot. By not washing your feet daily, you could end up getting an unpleasant smell, or even worse infections like the athlete’s foot, staph infection, or warts.



How often should I wash and change my sheets?

A lot of people don’t really focus on cleaning or changing their sheets too much, which are often a storehouse of harmful germs and bacteria if they aren’t cleaned on a regular basis. Ross adds that sheets need to be cleaned and changed a lot more frequently than people think.

It simply doesn’t matter how many times you take a bath every day, if your sheets and the pillows are unclean, you will end up getting infections. To avoid that, one should change the pillows and sheets every week.

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