Weight Loss Guide: The Only Foods You Need For Your Weight Loss Plan

Not all foods have the same effect on your body. While some foods appear to be healthy, they only end up increasing your body weight in the long term. On the other hand, there are multiple healthy foods that are often neglected and can be a real asset in your war against obesity. Without further ado, let’s check out the only foods you will need to get rid of your excess body weight.



Tuna is another common food item that is rich in protein and low in calories. Plus, it is low in unhealthy fats, which allows you to include it in your weight loss diet without a fuss.

Tuna is a popular food among fitness models and bodybuilders, who find it a great way to avoid the calories and get some healthy proteins with ease.

A pro tip: if you want your tuna to have more protein content, make sure to store it in water and not oil.


Tuna fish is a complete source of protein that is low in calories, too. If you want to avoid excess carbs or fat and just have some high-quality protein sources, tuna should be your first diet.



Boiled Potatoes

There was a time when boiled potatoes were considered healthy, and now for some reason, they’ve fallen out among people.

However, despite what people believe, boiled potatoes are a healthy source of food that can help you lose weight and keep you in shape. They are rich in macronutrients, having doses of almost everything your body needs.

In fact, there have been accounts of fitness enthusiasts who have lived for long periods eating nothing but boiled potatoes. Potatoes are rich in potassium, which helps in controlling blood pressure. Unfortunately, most foods do not contain and potassium, and therefore, a large number of people don’t get enough quantities of potassium in their diets.

Potatoes also score high on the Satiety Index, which means that eating boiled potatoes will keep you full for longer periods compared to other food items.

Also, a neat trick you can follow to make the boiled potatoes even more healthy. Once the potatoes are boiled, do let them cool down a bit and then eat them. The cooling allows the potatoes to form a resistant starch that has a number of benefits for your body, including weight loss.

You can also go for sweet potatoes and turnips as alternatives.


Boiled Potatoes are considered one of the most complete foods, and are good at keeping you full for longer periods, ensuring your hunger pangs are under control.




You can never go wrong with soups, especially if you are on a weight loss diet. Soups contain low energy density, which ensures you consume fewer calories.

Most of the low energy density foods are ones that have sufficient quantities of water, and fruits and vegetables are ideal foods. Or, you can also add some water to create your favorite soup.

Various studies have shown that eating the same quantity of food in the soup form instead of solid can make you feel fuller.

The only thing you should take care of is to not add too much fat in your soup, as it can severely hamper the calories you consume.


Soups should be a regular part of your weight loss routine. The high amounts of water make it an ideal food that keeps you full for long.



Legumes and Beans

Beans and legumes should be a part of your weight loss diet.

Legumes such as lentils, kidney beans, and black beans have high quantities of protein and fiber, which is ideal for weight loss. Further, foods rich in fiber and protein tend to keep one feeling satiated for longer.

Legumes are also rich in resistant starch, which is beneficial for weight loss. However, a lot of people face difficulty tolerating beans and legumes.


Legumes and beans should be your go-to food items when you are looking to lose some weight. They are rich in fiber and protein, both of which help in reducing body weight significantly.




While most of the fruits are known as high sources of carbs, avocados are one of the few exceptions, which makes it a unique fruit.

Avocados contain high amounts of monounsaturated oleic acid, which is similar to the fact that olive oil has. Despite having fat as its primary ingredient, avocados have a high quantity of fiber and water, too, which makes them a powerful fruit you can have any time of the day.

In addition to that, they are tasty and can be added to any vegetable salad. Further, they can increase the absorption of carotenoid antioxidants from the vegetables, making it a great fruit for any vegetable salad.

Avocados are also rich in fiber and potassium.


Avocados are a great example of what a healthy fat source is, and can be included in your diet with ease. Just make sure you only eat this fruit in moderation.