This Woman Over 50 is Redefining Fashion For How Older Women Should Dress

Fashion for women over 50 has been closed-minded and limiting in the past. Ageism and societal beauty standards have restricted women from feeling like they could wear clothing that was deemed only appropriate for younger women. But things are starting to shift in terms of older women’s fashion because of brave trailblazers like fashion model Luisa Dunn. Dunn is using online platforms to challenge how people perceive fashion for women over 50, and how they view older women in general. Read on to learn how Luisa Dunn is redefining fashion for how women over 50 should dress. 

Luisa Dunn is a 52-year-old model and photographer who has been using her social media platform to challenge fashion norms for women over 50. Her TikTok series entitled “Fashion Over 50” has been creating waves in the world of fashion and beyond. Through this series, she is doing her part to dismantle outdated beauty standards that limit women from feeling comfortable dressing in ways that make them feel beautiful and youthful. 

One of the main elements of Dunn’s series is to create a platform that features her fashion choices and encourages women over 50 to have as much fun with their wardrobe as she does. She debuts beautiful outfits that are all creative and lively. You can find all sorts of combinations and fabrics in her fashion pieces, such as metallic, printed material, furs, silhouettes, beautiful necklines, bold colors, and satins. What is inspiring about these choices is that they are not usually seen in the wardrobes of women over 50. 

One thing that Dunn believes about challenging stereotypes about ageism is that sharing is vital. She believes that by taking up space and sharing the stories of older women, she can make those stereotypes less accepted. And she can also raise awareness and liberate other women to feel more empowered to choose fashion that makes them feel good. 

Dunn hopes that her work will change how people feel about aging. So many times, people are not excited about aging. She hopes that her platform will change that stigma, and actually inspire women to be more accepting, and even excited about getting older. She believes that aging can actually be something that women can look forward to. 

Based on her following numbers, Dunn’s hard work and bravery are paying off. She has 785,000 followers on Instagram and over 200,000 followers on TikTok, and her following base is rapidly growing. One aspect that she appreciates about her platform is that she can reach more women quickly and in a very personal, narrative-based way. Prior to the rise of social media, she reflected that women required the use of traditional advertising to see themselves and create an understanding of who to be and how to dress as women. But those images were not reflective of who women really were or how they truly felt. 

But with Dunn’s innovative fashion series, women can now see themselves in ways that reflect them much more effectively and lovingly. Hundreds of thousands of women are being shaped in a better way because of Dunn’s content. She is flipping the narrative of fashion for women over 50 and is even making headway in the fashion world as well. She strives to encourage modeling agencies to change how they market to women over 50, and to get rid of their archaic practices. She hopes to inspire brands to feature more women who are older, and to position them as main features instead of background figures. “I think brands are starting to realize that everyone deserves to feel included at all stages of life, and this is done through meaningful representation,” she said.