The Biggest Beauty Trends Of Millennials And Gen Z – Which Team Do You Pick?

There’s more than one giveaway when it comes to spotting a millennial in a crowd. Sometimes, it is their side-parting, sometimes their skinny jeans, or sometimes it is their habit of using the smiley emojis excessively.

And how do you spot a Gen Z? Well, it is their typical crop tops, or their resin rings, or the fact that they can instantly ‘woah clap’ the moment a TikTok clip pops up!

Pinterest shows that the battle lines are drawn, and thanks to Pinterest’s ability to drive a user towards a specific age range driven by their searches – they can help us find the right beauty habits.

Curious? Us too. To figure out how much of a Gen Z or millennial you are, here are some of the most popular beauty trends amongst the respective generations.


Millennials: Red eyeshadow

Beauty, Skin, Joint, Lip, Shoulder, Eyebrow, Eyelash, Neck, Flash photography, Lipstick, Textile

We noticed millennials opt for richer shades and the maximum searches are for “red eyeshadow makeup” (the term was searched over 17 times more than in April). Another popular search term was “gold and green eyeshadow looks”, along with “blueliner makeup looks” that was looked up over eleven times.



Gen Z: Mint makeup

Green Eye Makeup Inner Corner, Forehead, Nose, Cheek, Skin, Lip, Chin, Eyebrow, Eyelash, Mouth, Flash photography

Gen Z prefers lighter shades for their eye makeup. The search “mint makeup” was searched over seven times since May. Similarly, terms like “white eyeliner makeup looks” and “candy-inspired makeup” have been looked up about 4 times since last April.