Have a Look At What Swimsuit Style Was in the Spotlight the Year You Were Born (3 of 7)


Crochet styling was starting to sweep the fashion industry off its feet, and it was incorporated in bikinis as well. The original Foxy Brown Pam Gears is wearing a sheer white halter-style bikini top with crochet detailing.

Pairing it up with large sunglasses and minimalistic jewelry, she created a perfect look that you’d like to flaunt while sunbathing at a beach on a Sunday. Bikinis were styled with the idea of “less is more” in mind, and they were all about natural fabrics. And sunglasses larger than your face.




Jackie O incarnates the streamlined, anti-bohemian style that was quite the trend back in the mid-’70s. She wore a white scarf tied back and a black deep neck bikini top, recreating the mid-’70s vibe.




Just when fashion designers approached the designing of a bikini with ‘less is more’ attitude, Farrah Fawcett decided to bring back the one-pieces into fashion. She flaunts a halter neck in a rust iron one piece with a deep cut neck and back. The plunging neckline bathing suit has almost little to no lining, bringing out the raw, authentic features of a feminine figure.




Princess Caroline of Monaco is wearing a white maillot here flaunting a peek-a-boo style. By the late ’70s, the bare front tops almost started to lose its magic and bare styled backs were starting to come up and created a furor in the fashion industry. Here, she flaunts a bareback with knots on the sides, with a plunging neckline yet covered front.




These are the years when bikinis and two pieces ran out of style. Margaux Hemingway wears a simple black one-piece with a low neckline with thick straps resting on either of her shoulders. Talk about simple yet sophisticated!