Have a Look At What Swimsuit Style Was in the Spotlight the Year You Were Born

From Jane Russell’s one-piece to Kim Kardashian’s thong style swimsuit, the fashion industry has come a long way. Back in the early 50s, we started with one-pieces having boyshort bottom cuts and gradually climbed our way to high slung bottoms and halter neck bikini tops.

The fashion industry has witnessed a rapid change almost every year, from solids to prints to neons to muted colors- the transitions are endless and the number of trends set every year by the models and actresses is uncountable.

And as a few styles started dying out, surprisingly, within a few years they started resurfacing back again. The journey of the swimsuit style has been awe-inspiring in the past few decades, and we are here to take you on a walk down the memory lane.

So what moment were you born in? Were you a southern California teeny bikini baby or was it a low waist sarong kind of moment?

We’ve traveled back in time and picked out the style of swimsuit that set the tone each year, and have carefully outlined the transformations that the designers and stylists underwent. Continue reading to find out what style was the most in during the year that you were born!



If you think that two-piece cutouts are the only way a woman can flaunt her curves, you’re mistaken. Jane Russell emerged as a trendsetter back in 1956 when her fashion sense quite literally altered the idea of a swimsuit. She vaunted a covered one-piece bathing suit, and proved to the world that covered bathing suits can be just as sexy.




This is the year when the bikini took birth. It started to emerge in the late ’50s, basically in the South of France. The style was the brainchild of Louis Reard, who put the pieces together back in 1946. However, the bikini did not bag much popularity until years later.




Elizabeth Taylor emerged as the showstopper in the movie Suddenly, Last Summer where she flaunted a baggy white maillot. The look was a hybrid between the style of the ‘50s and the deep-neck cut style bikinis of the ’60s.




This is the year when low cut tops came into the picture. Instead of straps and laces to hold the upper piece of the bikini together, off-shoulders and deep necks started to disrupt the fashion industry.

The gorgeous Slim Aarons picture above shows how the physical features were highlighted by low slung bikini bottom styles which were quite the trend back in the ’60s.




In the late 1960s, a more tailored look ruled the fashion industry, something that can be called a rough blueprint of a sundress. Two-pieces were out, and strappy tank tops were in, only in the form of a bathing suit. They almost draped the whole upper portion of the body and cut low in the bottom, keeping the bottom part of the suit intact like those of the previous years. Oh and also, hats. Huge, shadowy hats.