25 Ways to Kickstart a Flirty Conversation With Your Crush

The initial stages of pursuing someone you like is always the hardest, yet the most fun. Late night conversations, a bit of overthinking, flirty jokes, casual dates, and whatnot. However, initiating a conversation can seem daunting. Do you just say hi? Or do you also add in a question asking about their day? It’s alright to feel all over the place. After all, we’ve all been there and done that.

Kickstarting a conversation with your crush can be challenging. But hey, we’re here to help! Clear your head, and stop thinking. Take a deep breath and follow these 25 easy steps to strike a conversation with your crush. Grab your phone and start typing!


Let them know you’re into them

Send a flirty text saying, “All these books but I’m checking you out” and wait for their reaction. Bet they won’t be able to stop gushing.



Change the game

Slyly drop a hint to your crush telling them that you like them. Or even better, tell them that you are their number one fan! A few tidbits of conversations expressing how smitten you are by them can never hurt.



Spend some quality time

The roadmap to building a strong bond includes a lot of quality time. Discuss life over a cup of coffee in a nearby cafe, or watch Netflix together or call them over to a casual dinner. The more you guys get to know each other in the beginning, the better.



Tell them that they’re hot

Nothing is sexier than an upfront nature. Just drop in a text that they’re smoking hot. Gather up the courage to text them that, and stop thinking too much about the consequences. It WILL work out!



_ is Your Color

Send this text to your crush when you both are in the same room and don’t forget the little heart emoji. It’s sure to bring two big, bright grins. Keep everyone else guessing!