21 Times When Celebrities Shared Their “Imperfections” To Stand Against Toxic Beauty Standards

Celebrities are just like us other common people, which often leads us into believing that they are perfect. However, that’s not true. Many of these celebs have taken up social media and proudly present themselves just as human as anyone else.

An artificial bubble has been created by the so-called Instagram models and fashion magazine stars that always portray their lean and flawless skinny bodies as some dainty figures.

These celebs are breaking the toxic stigma around the conditions of acne, obesity, stretch marks, and other visible skin and body conditions. They are proving the critics wrong who once used to blatantly bodyshame people based on their skin. They are saving young women from this toxicity, who try and follow such unnatural norms, to “fit” in the “world”. It’s important to realize that every person is different and he or she is beautiful in their own way.

From Jessica Simpson’s swollen pregnancy feet to Kendall Jenner’s acne, not forgetting Kim Kardashian’s fight with psoriasis and confidence of Chrissy Teigen, given below are few well-known celebs and influencers who have used social media mediums such as Instagram to embrace and preach their “flaws.” These valiant women have put forward their positive approach to the “normal” conditions they are going through with. Hopefully, this positive attitude will bring about a change and also encourage their followers to follow the same path.


Kim Kardashian West

Our very own star of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” Kim Kardashian West is very open with her skin condition of psoriasis. Psoriasis is not fatal, however, it forms dry red patches on the skin which can form a scaly complexion and quite often is very prickly in nature. In a 2019 Instagram post, she is seen curing her psoriasis patches with a herbal lotion. The feeling is quite well-inflicted by the caption “Psoriasis is the shits”.



Kendall Jenner

Our very own Kendall Jenner suffered from acne since her teenage years. Just like the other teenagers she too tried to get rid of it, however, the difference now is that she is not ashamed of it. She instead incorporated this issue with the company named Proactiv, which actively deals with skincare routines. She expressed her views through her Instagram post where she wrote about the problems faced by her due to acne. Here she expressed that it is very natural to feel perturbed and self-conscious, however, one should not let it overwhelm oneself. She also acknowledged the “toxic perfect” culture laying around the standards of beauty.



Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson who has come out with her swollen ankle is being praised by everyone as a brave mother. Moreover, her expressing her situation has helped relieve her agony in this tense, yet beautiful situation.



Jessica Simpson (continued)

In a recent Instagram post, she has again bared her hairy legs and insisted on the natural beautification of them. From time and again, she has inspired many women to happily embrace their bodies and proudly flaunt them. The former reality TV show actress is all in for body positivity.