21 Times When Celebrities Shared Their “Imperfections” To Stand Against Toxic Beauty Standards (2 of 5)



Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer has taken to Instagram to express her situation. Amy Schumer was an expectant mother who was suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, which is another term for “morning sickness”. Despite these pregnancy blues, she did not budge way from reflecting her positive attitude towards the whole scenario. She has inspired many more pregnant mothers like her to have a positive attitude to life.




Rihanna took the internet by storm when she posted a picture of her “unwaxed leg” on her Instagram handle. She has insisted many women like her to go bear and feel proud of their body hair. She emphasized on the fact that it’s a natural thing and nothing to be ashamed of.



Jameela Jamil

One thing people know about Jameela Jamil, other than her funny stint on “The Good Place”, is her attitude towards body beauty and her lucidity on beauty norms. She is not afraid of calling out on celebs who in the name of fashion and beauty promote toxicity. She is a diet enthusiast and insists others to try the same.

She is very open about her tussle with her eating disorder, which has resulted in the stretch marks on her body. She lovingly calls her stretch marks as “Babe Marks” and promotes that they are natural and pretty. A woman should not be conscious of her stretch marks as these are just evidence of their body’s courage to fight back the notion of skinniness. Jameela Jamil proudly wears her babe marks and has successfully created a positive attitude around the same.



Bella Thorne

Like many other celebrities, she too is on the frontline of the body-hair acceptance movement. She provided her support to the movement by posting a pic of her hairy leg. There were some haters too, however, soon after that; they too started supporting the cause. Since 2016, Bella has been quite vocal about her grooming routine and regularly has Insta live sessions for her followers. She has developed a positive notion of how a person can incorporate different aspects of beauty while holding one’s ground strongly.



Ashley Graham

The well-known model was very interactive during her pregnancy and has inspired many others towards a better upbringing of them. There were many instances during her pregnancy with son Isaac, where she didn’t budge from sharing the raw instances her body was going through. She has been quite vocal about her pregnancy blues and has also proudly shown her stretch marks in an Instagram post of February 2020. Although this was not her first pregnancy, she expressed how it was fun both of the times.

Ashley Graham is a fitness enthusiast and regularly posts her workout videos and other wellness hacks. More often it seems she receives criticism of exposing her extra skin like the extra chub which she has developed. Ashley is quite critical against these accusations and as a counter-attack, she promotes the healthy well-being of the human body. She is an inspiration to many and provides the ideal moral for well-being.