Which Type Of Lover Are You? (2 of 4)



The Compromiser

Out of all the types, this is the most easy-going and most grateful romantic partner around. This partner is going to tolerate your demands and at worst propose another solution that suits you and them.

These are individuals who loath conflict but aren’t so passive that they won’t speak up. Their behaviour is either for love or to avoid potential conflicts. Naturally, these people are great to confide in with problem-solving both in and out of the relationship.



The Selfish One

As you might’ve noticed with these lover types, there are similarities between each type. But what makes the difference is the shades. This type is a great example of this. When you begin to look at the finer details, you’ll begin to spot subtle differences.

In this case, while the selfish ones may seem like takers, there are some differences.

Someone who is a selfish lover will always do things that are for them. They look at every situation and determine what is the best thing they can get out of this situation. These people are egotistical but not to the degree of being entitled and offer nothing in return.

Another way to look at this is their actions always have a motive of some kind. If they are making you happy, It could be for them to gain something out of it.



The Doubter

When you have a doubter, they’re a real challenge. These are the types who will never let their guard down and trust you no matter what. Regardless of your actions, there will always be hints of doubt that fester in the back of their minds.

These suspicions will bug them all the time and it prohibits them from being able to relax completely around their partner. They also feel threatened about everything so you’ll need to be constantly proving your love to them.

All in all it can be exhausting and can seem like an impossible challenge. After all, doubters often lead to these people being jealous for no apparent reason.



The Materialistic Lover

Someone who is materialistic cares a lot about the physical stuff. When putting that into relationship terms, they are all about living the good life. If their materialistic needs are covered, they’ll be happy and will never argue with you.

Even if they know for a fact you don’t love them, these people won’t mind it. That is so long as they get the luxury life they need. As such, if you can’t love them enough, then they’ll move on to other prospects.



The Straying Lover

Also known as honeymoon lovers, these are the types who are in the honeymoon phase in their first week dating. They are head over heels for each other. In these relationships, the one who is in this the most will do anything.

It’s to the point that you’re living in a fairy tale or something. However this doesn’t last forever. Once time passes, these people tend to be more distant and colder. They slowly lose interest and expects the other to impress them.