Which Type Of Lover Are You?

Love is a complex thing but what’s also complicated is the type of lovers out there in the world. As the Greeks found out so long ago, their realization of love uncovered there were different types of love.

For example, was it possible to compare the love you have to a partner or potential partner to the love you have for a family member, friend, or sibling?

The Greeks uncovered that there are three types of love and each one is different. And yet, they carry the same kind of value. Instead of discussing that, we want to be focusing on a narrower category for love.

After all, the Greeks developed a good classification for love types, we can go so much deeper now.

Before jumping into this though there are some key things to know.

  • First, when you meet someone, there is always an urge to get to know them. Through those experiences, you begin to paint a picture of what this person is to you. The thing with this though is that often we get so wrapped up in getting to know a person we can forget to determine whether we are compatible with the other person.
  • Second, not all the types of lovers can match. There are so many types of lovers out there and some are going to clash. At the early stages it’s good, but as major personalities emerge, it becomes a problem if you’re not compatible.
  • Third, despite this though, love comes in many forms. So just because your types may not be compatible it doesn’t always mean a relationship is doomed at the beginning. As we said, there are several types of love.
  • Lastly, even though we’re listing off several types note that a person can be in more than one lover type. Our emotions change based on our moods and what we are looking for in a relationship at that point. Regardless, there will be one type that’ll dominate over the others.

With that covered, let’s discover more on the types to find out what kind of lover are you.


The Giver

These people are labeled for two reasons:

  • They feel they’re not good enough and are compensating.
  • They are the ones to love more.

If they feel inadequate, they’ll compensate in various ways. Normally it comes in the form of eruptions of love and attention towards their partner. The reason for this is they think that giving isn’t enough so they want to give more.

The other type is the one who loves more than the other. In terms of lover-type, these people are more or less reachers. They make a point of offering as much pure and selfless love as possible.



The Taker

Takers are simply people who think highly of themselves. They consider themselves a catch and are worthy of every ounce of love and attention.

Some would go as far as to think their partner is lucky they’ve landed someone like them.

These individuals come off as egotistical and that can shut down any kind of relationship. After all, to many people, they see this attitude as the wrong approach to love.

In these relationships, these people take emotions and offer little in return to the relationship. In essence, these people are narcissists or are simply selfish people. That or they are suffering from a psychological disorder.



The Controller

Another dangerous type as this can often be associated with those who abuse others. At first glance, these people seem like the type that have your best interests in mind.

It comes off cute at first – the consistent phone calls and check-ups. You get the idea that they love you so much that they’re worrying over you.

But after the thirtieth phone call in a week, these can become truly nightmarish. Your once endearing partner has become a possessive individual where you need permission to do anything.

This is the starting process that can lead to your partner potentially abusing you. These phone calls become mind games where they are manipulative and can lead to emotional blackmail.



The Pleaser

These are people who are focused solely on pleasing their partners. The love they offer is selfless and unconditional. There is no length they will go to prove their love.

We wouldn’t call them incredibly clingy or anything but these are the people you want if you’re someone who needs emotional needs. These people will support your decisions no matter what.

They also understand that this is a thankless job and are more than happy with not getting anything from you. That being said, it’s vital you are kind and gentle towards them. Offer them love and treat them right and they’ll bring the world to you.



The Romantic

These people are all about romantic settings and activities. Romance is a big thing in these people’s lives. As such, if you’re not big on romantic and mushy stuff, steer away from these people.

These are the people who will be open to romantic acts to woo you and sweep you off your feet. If you want that in your life, keep this lover type around.

No matter what, these types will make every moment spent together a memorable one. These are the types to never forget dates and times when it comes to the relationship.