What Type of Worker are You? (2 of 4)



The Anti-Social

On the reverse of the connector, the anti-social is someone who devotes themselves and pushes people away. The reasons can be various so it’s hard to chalk this up to the person being lonely. Maybe they don’t want to be around other people or prefer their own company over the company of others.

These individuals aren’t necessarily detrimental to your culture though. After all, these individuals are normally nowhere to be found. You’ll be hard pressed to find them at office parties, the lunch room, or anywhere.



The Stressed-Out

These are the office “drama queens”. While it’s a derogatory term we find, this is the best way to describe them in simple terms. These are people who make a big deal out of everything. Deadlines, company or office changes, anything will bring them stress one way or another.

Despite that, these people are still good and devoted workers. All you need to do is go easy on them and don’t pressure them too much.



The Chillax

The polar opposite of the stressed-out is the chillax. These people are the ones you want to be around all the time when given the chance. Why? Because they’re the type to keep their personal lives outside of the office so they can focus on work.

These people keep stress in check and do about average work. Compared to more go-getter and workaholic types, these folks can seem lazy. But they don’t care cause they be so chill.



The Office Gossip

Growing up, this person was probably the gossiper on the playground, high school and college. Because this way of life, it’s no surprise that these habits have seeped into their professional life as well.

Regardless, these people are people you don’t want to spend time with. It’s easy to get wrapped up in this mess and get you involved in this mess. Save yourself the headache by not giving these people your time.