What Type of Worker are You?

When you look at a group, you realize that everyone has their own types of personalities. The same can be said in particular about office environments. Each and every person has their own personality type that ensures people in the office operate smoothly.

Digging deeper into this though this shouldn’t come as a surprise. These work environments bring out the best – and worst – in us. It becomes clear that we have particular strengths and weaknesses. These characteristics make us distinct in this environment.

But what’s so surprising is that these combinations and what we choose to focus on can be attributed to one of the 14 personality types. Knowing which of these personalities you are adds some much needed self-awareness in your life. It allows you to improve your ability at the particular task.

Whether that’s being skilled in communication, teamwork, morale and professional tone, knowing which personality type you are in – and what you’re naturally good at – can help you round out your skills. So here is an overview of the personality types. Which one do you associate with the most?



This type is the most disliked office worker personality around. People do not like to be managed to a finite degree. Despite everyone’s hatred for this type of worker, the micromanager is ubiquitous and can be found in various industries and workplace environments.

We don’t need to go into too much detail about who these people are. You’ve either heard about them or have experienced them first-hand. These individuals have compulsive ‘hovering’ behaviour. They’re normally in higher positions and want to be informed about every tiny decision, demand that work be done in a specific way and aren’t one to delegate work or give control to people more qualified for the work.



The Overcommitted Colleague

Much like an overachiever, this personality type is someone who can’t say ‘no’. These are the people who are staying at work late into the night and have their hands in various groups and activities. These are the people who are involved in fundraisers, volunteering for things like bringing snacks to meetings or are hosting parties.

Compared to the micromanager, these people are good to have around. They are the type of person who will get all the small tasks done with little problem.

But as great as it is it can pose problems. Because these tasks are always completed, this blocks other coworkers from getting new opportunities to do different things or in some cases getting promotions. Overcommitted workers may be sincere people, but they can also be controlling and manipulative this way.



The Lazy One

One personality type that appreciates the overcommitted people are the lazy ones. These are the people who depend on these overcommitted people. In some cases, they also appreciate micromanagers too.

Why? Because these people are often the people who slack off and let these personality types do all the work. Getting into more details, these are the people where it’s a mystery for why they’re still working. After all they seemingly do not work while there.

These are the people who frequent others cubicles, stop for chats or otherwise don’t do any work at all. Despite all that, these people can be refreshing. If you have a group of overcommitted workers, these types can become an average worker.



The Connector

If you have this personality type in your office group then you have a good worker in your group. Why? Because these are the colleagues that know their way around the office and the people in it. These people have a talent of knowing who works well in teams.

This ensures that the connector is the best type of person to consult whenever you want to put together the most productive team or want to expand your office team. If you find this personality type in your office, make sure you treat them well and help them nurture this gift.

If you’re someone who is more withdrawn, you may find this person to be intimidating but try to work over that. The connector is someone that helps everyone.