What Your Eating Preferences Say About You? (2 of 2)



Foods That Are Fried

The brown crisp food can often be symbolized as someone who is burnt out or has lack of energy. Why this is the case is that the food that’s fried is devoid of several nutrients. For these particular individuals, they favour the crispy side rather than worry about the nutrients or how things are made.

All in all, if you are in need of this type of food, it’s worth looking at what in your life is giving you energy wise and where it’s being spent. How you can recharge is by moving away from these foods and aim for a plate that has more colour in it.



Sugary Sweets

Not necessarily akin to candy but anything with lots of sugar says a lot about particular people. While it’s okay to indulge your sweet tooth once in a while, there are people hooked to this stuff.

I don’t blame you though as pretty much any food out there today has some level of sugar in it. But when you are eating too much sugar, this can suggest that you are looking for sweetness in your life. You see sweets as a sort of reward which is why you feel the urge to have a dessert at the end of a big meal.



There Is More Than Just Food

Naturally, there is more to people than eating preferences. People are complex and you can’t figure out everyone solely from their food. However what they choose to eat can give you small windows into what this person is like.

At the end, this is a decision that someone comes up with. These decisions are influenced by personality, habits, and current life situations.