What Your Eating Preferences Say About You?

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. That statement applies to so many cases, but there is a lot of truth behind it. When you sit down to think about it – it makes sense. When it comes to food, there are hundreds of decisions for what we could be eating for every meal.

As such, the foods we typically gravitate towards can tell a lot about a person and their internal decision-making. This in turn can tell you what type of person they are. Best of all you don’t need to be a psychology major to piece this all together.

Use the guide below to tell what people are like based on their food preferences.


Lots Of Protein

When someone is gravitating towards the meat it can suggest this person enjoys stability. They like a steady routine and a sense of family and tradition. Why this is suggested is because protein -specifically meat – are hearty, wholesome food. These are foods that are connected to “down to earth” folks.

At the same time as this, craving more meat suggests that these people are too grounded and resist change. They are people who are reluctant to change and new experiences.



Plenty Of Comfort Carbs

Many people are big on the carbs and it can make sense. Pasta and bread are comfort foods in their own way. Many people dive into carbs because oftentimes they feel drained, burnt out, or are overworked. Carbs are great ways in giving people energy – if only temporarily.

While indulging in some carbs is cool, too much can be dangerous. When high-glycemic carbs aren’t balanced with other nutrients like protein and fat, you’ll develop an internal blood sugar and insulin rollercoaster which will have a reverse effect on your energy levels.

When you are craving too many carbs, it’s key that you ask yourself ho you can get more joy and satisfaction from your life. After all, those who indulge in this comfort food are hiding away from something in their life.



Venerable Vegetables

These are the people who are never told to finish all of their vegetables from their plate. In fact, if you are someone who eats a lot of vegetables, you could be described as calm, generous, and loving.

The choice of eating mostly vegetables stems from your desire to have better health. This makes sense generally eating vegetables will give you more energy and all kinds of nutrients.

On top of that, those who indulge in vegetables a lot are the type to be involved in health in communities and maybe on a global scale.

In terms of personality, these people are socially-aware, passionate, motivated, and loyal.